The 10 Best Mech Games of All Time Part II: Bringing it home

If you cheered when Optimus Prime punched the living daylights out of those Decepticons in the jungle scene from Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, you’ll be right at home. If you aren’t, there’s still very few things that are more gleeful than taking control of a hulking mech that can dish out obscene amounts of damage. 

 That’s just science. Fact.

With that in mind, let’s dive back into the world of lead and metal and list out five more of our favorite mech games of all time.Best Mech Games

Hawken – PS4

Do you remember how fun it was to have endless frag sessions with your friends in the good old days of Quake III and Counter Strike? Now imagine a fantastic arena shooter with tight controls and fluid gameplay, BUT YOU GET TO FIGHT WITH BADASS MECHS. The pace is frantic, the action is chaotic, and if you get a bunch of friends together, fun times are guaranteed. The game has a very beginner-friendly learning curve, but gets very skill-based quickly. It also doesn’t have any of the awkward control issues often associated with mech games.

Strike Suit Zero – PC

If the first thing that spontaneously comes out of your mouth when you first start playing Strike Suit Zero is “This is gorgeous!” you are not alone. Expect yourself to utter several phrases of astonishment and delight immediately thereafter.

Strike Suit Zero puts on screen some of the most cinematic combat ever seen in gaming, because it happens on literally the biggest scale imaginable – out there, in the deep darkness of space. Imagine yourself in your own Star Wars battle scene, except you’re piloting a transforming mech that has insane firepower. The outer space renderings are just drop-dead beautiful. Do yourself a favor and get this game.

SHOGO: Mobile Armor Division – PC

SHOGO is a love letter to all things mecha anime. Made by the then-titans at Monolith Productions, SHOGO was a joyride through your favorite childhood fantasies of being in the driver’s seat of giant robots. Everything – from the futuristic HUD to the various transformations your robot can undergo, is inspired by the best mecha anime. You have to break through walls, blow vehicles up and engage in full on firefights with other giant robots who have guns and lasers embedded in their arms.

Who doesn’t want that?

Zone of the Enders 2: The 2nd Runner – PS2

The 2nd Runner took the already insane premise of the original Zone of The Enders and just ramped everything up. You had more insane acrobatic aerial combat, a broader and more engaging story and several different mission types. The 2nd Runner also features some of the most memorable boss fights in all of the mech gaming history. The battles you’ll have against enemy Orbital Frames are pure adrenalin rushes. You, of course, will be in control of Jehuty – a powerful mech called a Frame which does things that would make Prince of Persia proud. You’ll roll, dash, somersault and zip around your targets, shattering them with the different weapons in your arsenal. Highly recommended.

Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries – PC

Mechwarrior was one of the innovators in the mech genre back in the day. This sequel to Mechwarrior 2 refined the combat and introduced numerous new and exciting elements. You are a mercenary piloting a mech, and you have to make your way through the world, taking contracts and building your notoriety as you try to survive during the onslaught of the Clans. This game features lots of different maps, improved graphics and countless new mechs and enemies to fight against. You’ll have to be careful with your resources, too, if you want to build the best and strongest mechs. The game features a strong combat system that requires you to balance heavy attacks and lighter but less damaging strikes.

So, which games do you absolutely think should’ve made it to this list? Which games do you think don’t really deserve to be rated this highly? Let us know in the comments, mech gamers!

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