BioShock 1 “Rapture” Vs. BioShock Infinite “Columbia”

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Just finished a re-play of BioShock Infinite the other day. There are so many reviews and gamers calling BioShock Infinite one of the best games every made for the PS3.

I’ve been so excited to actually have time to re-play this masterpiece “Its hard to make time with kids” Lol... I have played the first two games in the series so; I have truly enjoyed the under water world of rapture.

I will admit when I heard about the game being played in the clouds it didn’t sound much like a BioShock game. The story of the game is pretty in depth, with the whole Elizabeth character and all the missions to have to complete in order to BioShock Infinite, PS3finally reach Comstock. My question I had to answer; would this game be as creepy (scary) as the previous two games. It’s going to be hard to beat the gameplay, and the story, not to mention the element of surprise the first BioShock delivered.

The overall game play I thought was more of a first person shooter, meaning the usage of guns and blasting your way thru the game, I did more in BioShock Infinite than I did in the previous 2. It didn’t seem to me that the plasmas or vigors as called in this game had their true place. Sure the vigors acted very similarly to the plasmas from the previous games. Don’t get me wrong the vigors defiantly aided in your battles thru the game, but I certainly felt more comfortable having the right guns equipped first. I pretty much walked thru the entire game with the Shot Gun and the Sniper Rifle. Sure there were times when the RPG or other guns came in handy, but these where my staples I rolled with. It seemed many times that the salts would run out to quickly for my likings. So I just felt like blasting my way out of situations. This game does give you a shield, which you find pretty early in the game. The shield was a nice touch, just too bad it didn’t have upgrades.

I also found that in the previous games, you always had your arsenal of weapons to choose from. Weather you picked up the pistol, the machine gun or the RPG you always had these guns in stock on your possession. With BioShock infinite, you can only carry around two guns, so for me I would only upgrade the guns that I knew I would always be carrying around. Sure I used the carbine, the crank gun and the hand cannon, but not having the guns always instock didn’t give me the need to upgrade the guns.  Upon posting this article, it has been confirmed the BioShock Infinite DLC, will bring the weapon wheel back.  Read Full Stroy - Here

BioShock Vs BioShock InfiniteGears & Tonics – BioShock infinite brought gears into the series, which are pretty much up grades to the appearance of the character or the armor if you will. Very similar to the tonics that you found from ADAM in the previous games. The gears are broken down to hats, shirts pants and so forth. You can go into the game screen and change the different gears around at anytime. Which is a nice feature rather than changing them up only at certain points in the game. No need for hacking in this game, which I’ll admit was pretty fun in the first games. Instead of hacking robots, you can use a vigor named “possession” which would make a robot on your side for a brief period of time.

In summary this game was great, but did it surpass a true legend in BioShock 1? Personally I feel strongly BioShock Infinite had many similarities to the series, but it felt more like a different game than what I’ve come to expect from the world of Rapture. The overall story of the game was twisted, as we’d come to expect. I need more character involvement from the first BioShock to be in Booker DeWitt to feel comfortable with this game being a bother to Rapture.  I've taken my love for the BioShock series even farther with a shodown, battling the last of us vs. bioshock infinite [here].

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