A Retro Gamers Online Buying Guide


There are few ways to look at this nowadays.  Either you’re a retro video game fan who enjoys playing with emulators.  Or you’re a retro video game fan that enjoys playing with the original software. 

Both approaches are just fine, and many people today do one or the other, or sometimes both.  So, what exactly do you need to know about buying retro video games online?

Reproduction Carts Are Everywhere

If you like buying and playing with the original software, you’ve got to watch out.  Nowadays, everybody is trying to make a dollar off retro video games.  The market is so over-saturated with counterfeit games that look like the real thing.  So if buying an authentic vide game means a lot to you, then you’ve got to educate yourself.  What I mean is you just got to know how to spot a reproduction cartridge, I have a couple of great articles that can help.  Here is an article on spotting GBA Pokemon Fakes & a good article about spotting SNES Counterfeits.

For some gamers buying reproduction, games are just fine.  Sure, I get it, paying over $50 for Final Fantasy III is a lot when you can buy a reproduction forBuying Retro Video Games Online10.

What is a Reproduction Cart?

They are unlicensed games from a person or individual that is made to look and play like the real thing.  So, what’s the harm, you ask?  If you make them or buy them to play, then fine.  My problem is when people are trying to sell retro games as the real thing.  Just last week, someone tried to sell me a box of counterfeit Pokemon DS games.

A Great Photo is Key

I don’t know how many times I wanted to buy a video game and the photo of the game was a stock photo.   Sure, taking photos takes time, but if I’m a buyer I need a photo.  With everything I mentioned Reproduction games, having a nice clear photo means the world today.


This may sound redundant to some, but make sure where you buy video games is a reputable place.  Check out reviews about the website or company, it’s easy to do a quick Google search.  If you have any questions send the site and email, I get lots of emails daily and respond quickly as I can. 

Just don’t be naive when you go shopping online for your favorite retro video game.  Shopping for retro video games isn’t hard if you just know what you’re looking for, and how to spot what you’re not looking for. And if the price seems too good to be true, it just might be.

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Tuesday, 04 October 2022