Old School Games & 5 Reasons Why People Are Playing Them

Playing vintage video games lets you relive those moments of nostalgia. They also let you catch up on what you missed or never managed to finish.

We all remember our first console and first retro gaming console. For many of us, it was Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, GoldenEye, or Super Mario 64. Those of us old enough to remember playing Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Contra, Castlevania, and the first Legend of Zelda. How about those not so popular titles from obscure consoles like PopFul Mail from the Sega CD Library.

People still play them and go back to them for many reasons. They offer gripping stories and hours of replayability. They also hold some of gaming's most ground-breaking and cherished moments.

Finally, retro games offer a sense of soul that many in the modern video game industry lack. Read on for a breakdown of the five reasons people keep coming back to vintage games.

1. Back to Basics

Let's face it, the newer games today are only some version of the classics. From the mechanics, the predictable plots, and the shameless remastering of iconic games - why not choose OG instead? They can't even come close to the incredible storylines and music the oldies had.

The authenticity of plug-and-play is gone in today's modern era games. What's worse is that Old School Gamesmost of them are only as good as their DLCs (which you have to pay extra for.) Gone are the  days when you get what you pay for.

You don't have to keep on buying a game that's either unfinished or one that feels rushed. Many retro video games have a complete story that makes you want to play with excitement. Others also have more replayability than most triple-A titles these days.

Finishing a vintage video game feels like a major accomplishment in itself. Cheat codes, guides, and min-maxing are what ruins most modern games. Back then, discovering an Easter egg while playing was one of the unique experiences a gamer can have.

These are only a few reasons why retro video games are on the rise. While many think it's only for the nostalgia factor, it's more than that. Though admittedly, it is a part of it.

There will always be something about old video games. They hit harder since they take you back to your childhood. If anything, they've cemented who you are today.

2. A Walk Down Memory Lane with Classic Video Games

There's a reason why Disney keeps remaking their classics. One of them is to take advantage of the Millennials who grew up adoring the oldies. This sentiment extends to that old classic game and gaming systems.

Those who can track down a retro game console and games would be more than happy to give it a whirl again. It doesn't matter if it's for reliving childhood memories or finally beating that pesky boss with ease. The old storyline still stands - the only thing that's changed is your perspective on how it's unfolded.

That's one of the beauties of old school gaming, if anything, you're able to appreciate it more today as an adult. While playing it in all its vintage glory is the best, many also go out of their way to find emulators. Though not all of them play well on PC.

The handheld experience and couch co-op are second to none. If you're still unconvinced, why not find out for yourself. Try taking those old consoles and games out of storage, and you'll find yourself taking a walk down memory lane.

3. Old-School Co-Op

Did you know, vintage video games helped a lot of us cope all throughout the pandemic? However, it's also brought in its fair share of stress. If you have kids at home, you've likely heard them play with their online buddies from around the world.

While this is fun, sometimes, it's not always the safest experience for them. Internet etiquette can be difficult to navigate, especially when involving younger children. This is another aspect where vintage video games shine - old-school co-op and bonding.

It doesn't matter if it's fun family times or unforgettable sleepovers with friends. Being in a room with someone is a completely different experience. Modern gaming is a bit more disconnected despite being "more infinitely connected."

There's no doubt the plug-in consoles and old video game cartridges and disks were kings back then. Though, there are making a huge comeback today. If you happen to have any of the classics in mint condition, you might be in for a big surprise.

Many of the best retro classics are fetching a hefty price in today's market, especially if they're original, rare, or highly collectible games.  There are a few companies (Wata Games, Esports Grading)  that will grade those original games from the 80s & 90s.  They generally grade stuff that is brand new, but video game collecting has gotten so popular.  You can now get a highly collectible used cartridge game graded at Wata Games.

4. They are a Worthy Investment?

Another reason why more people are playing vintage video games - is that they've become prized investments. Some who collect them even consider them as cultural artifacts. What you might have thought to be junk could be worth thousands of dollars.

While some do it for the bragging rights, others are happy to have a game they've always wanted. As a child back then, not everyone had the chance to save up and buy that one game. However, thanks to the internet, the game you wanted to have as a kid is only a click away.

That alone has pushed many of those who can pay the right price to invest in an expensive video game. The rarer they get, the higher their value goes. This is why more people are flocking to goodwill, to try and score a highly collectible game for next to nothing.

5. Playing the Ones that "Got Away"

Old Video Games

One of the biggest heartaches many of us might have been the fact we never got to play the classics. When we were kids, our allowances didn't allow us to buy all the latest games.

Retro gaming lets you pick up and play the games from your childhood you never got around to. The ones you never managed to buy or finish because you played at a school friend's house. You also get to complete collections you never got to finish.

From Donkey Kong to Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy, and Super Mario Bros. 3, you can do more than relive the games of your childhood. You can finally play the ones that got away.

Why Play These games?

There are plenty of reasons why more people are playing vintage video games. They take us back to our childhoods, to simpler times when games were labors of love and not cash grabs. Retro gaming lets us relive our nostalgia and finally complete our collections.

They're also good investments if you take care of them. Many of these older games also let you reconnect with the joys that physical couch coop used to bring. The Old School Game Vault, is a retro video game store, and has everything for sale.  We stock all the classics from the gold age of gaming, & retro gaming consoles you could desire.

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Tuesday, 30 May 2023