The Nintendo DS is discontinued, but Should I still buy One?

Many people can find many classic DS games for sale on eBay. The DS Library is still in high demand. The following are some of the most common Nintendo DS games available for sale.

Nintendo DS LiteMore Common Titles you see

Mario Kart, Zelda Spirit Tracks, Mario & Donkey Kong, Pokemon Platinum, Chrono Trigger are a few titles with availability online.

The Pokémon series is one of the most Popular

With 19 titles released for the Nintendo DS. You can get many of these titles for sale used with free shipping.

Are games still for sale on a DS?

Unfortunately, Nintendo will stop selling 3DS e-Shops by 2022. After completing this process, it's impossible to buy a 3DS game on eBay. You only have a chance to legally acquire a copy of a game from an authorized dealer.

Which is better, Nintendo DS or DS Lite?

Nintendo DS Lite has a smaller, slimmer body with a brighter display, large touchscreen and a more long-lasting rechargeable battery than the original Nintendo DS. Unique gameplay features and wireless connectivity are intact.

What was the Best Selling Nintendo DS game?

Its best-loved video game is "New Super Mario Bros." It first launched in North America in May 2006, with almost 31 million copies sold worldwide.

When did Nintendo Stop producing the DS?

You may be surprised by the decision by Nintendo to stop manufacturing DS devices in 2020, but it has also made the line impossible to use.

What was the very last DS game?

Big Hero 6 Battle in Bay released on 10-28-2014.

What are the rarest Nintendo DS Games?

Shepherd's Crossing 2

Which you can find a used price for around $460 for a complete copy. In brand-new condition, the price is about $100 more. The game is your standard rpg genre created by graffiti entertainment in 2010.

Solatorobo: Red The Hunter

It is another obscure game in the RPG genre made by Xseed. Which is typically for sale aroundSolatorobo Red The Hunter

$370 for a complete copy. This game in brand-new condition is for sale around $573

A few other rare games are

Pokémon Figure Bundles The Heart of gold bundle is for sale around $1,800 and a brand-new is for sale around $4,000. The Pokémon SoulSilver bundle is for sale around $1,600 and brand new it's generally for sale around $3,000.

Where Can I sell my Used Nintendo DS Console & Accessories?

I'd recommend, the used buyback market, which will provide you with the ability to sell Nintendo DS Systems and accessories online.

A simple search will show valuable results

Search through the search page to find the best instant trade-in price for your console. If you sort through the results, as you could probably get free shipping on your trade-ins as well.

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