Do it! Why you need to Buy an Original Nintendo NES Console


The reasons to buy Original Nintendo NES Console.  I just bought this retro bad boy for my wife and myself the other day.  Sure, I saw plenty of bootleg mini-nintendo consoles for a heck of a lot cheaper, but I don’t support buying any reproduction video game or video game console for that matter.  

Sure, these counterfeit mini-consoles seem cool with HD support and emulated games, but how long are these knock-off consoles going to last?  I have several friends who still have theirBuy Original Nintendo NES Console original Nintendo NES Consoles that they had as kids.  Anyhow, let's go over the enjoyment of my purchase of the Original NES Console.

My wife has always been a big fan of Kid Icarus, so we bought that game and I got Dragon Warrior 2.  I’ve never played Dragon Warrior 2, but thoroughly enjoyed the review I read @ The Video Game Critic, and decided to give it a try. As soon as we got the console, we fired up our games and must have played for hours.  The nostalgia and the memories came flowing back for both of us.  I will admit, it does seem these retro video games are certainly a little harder to play than, say, a PS4 game.  What I mean by that is, NES Games don’t have the forgiveness factor.  So if you die, you start back at the beginning of a level; which certainly pisses me off.   At the same time, that is the fun and challenge of going back and playing these old video game consoles.

Another part of the fun playing these retro video game consoles for me is the memories. Any gamer will always probably remember that first Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, Mega Man… game they played.  I love the part of going on the journeys and replaying them again.  Metroid is another game I bought to play, and it certainly has stood the test of time for me.  Sure, having tons of pictures and walk-through nowadays helps, but it’s the journey that makes it so fun.

It’s funny, though, our son is an avid gamer and plays a lot of current gen and last gen video games.  When it came to playing Super Mario Bros on the Original NES he really struggled.  He could not make any of the “NES Jumps”, and could barely even finish the first level.  Now sure; if he were to practice he’d certainly get a lot better, but I thought it was funny watching him struggle at such a basic video game.

I did find however there are a couple accessories that are a must.  You really need to go out and buy a game genie, and I also purchased a turbo blaster.  NES Turbo BlasterThe turbo blaster is a turbo attachment for the Nintendo NES.  You plug your controller into the turbo blaster, and you can adjust and control the turbo for both the A & B buttons.  This attachment is great for shooters [ie Gradius, Gun.Smoke], as it will certainly save your thumb.  Then there is the game genie I find this necessary to buy as well.  For me, I just don’t have the time to sit for hours upon hours trying to hone my NES skills for each game I want to play.  I love the idea of pickup and play with the Original NES, but sometimes a little help from cheat codes makes it much more enjoyable gameplay.

Buy Original Nintendo NES ConsoleI have had the opportunity to play on the Nintendo NES Top Loader console.  I will say; if you have a chance to purchase that over the original NES Top Loader console, do it.  The Top Loader is so much easier to get your games in and out, and the pin connector’s seem to last much longer.

This is why I love playing retro video games from decades past.  Is there any other pastime where you can sit down and feel like a kid again in the 80s?

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Tuesday, 17 May 2022