Do it! Why you need to Buy an Original Nintendo NES Console


Yes, we know that there are plug-and-play retro NES consoles that are very cheap to buy. We also know that these systems are pre-loaded with hundreds of games and that they include two controllers.

So, why would anyone buy an original NES console for over $100, no games included? Two words: Duck Hunt.

Can you play the beloved classic Duck Hunt on a plug-and-play system? No, you can’t. These systems don’t include or even support the Zapper light gun accessory that’s required to play this title.

Along those lines, can’t you just play Duck Hunt on the Wii U Virtual Console, you ask? Yes and no.

Yes, there is a playable version on the Wii U Virtual Console. But no, this port does not provide the same experience. Namely, it displays crosshairs where you are aiming, making it impossible to miss. This dumbed-down perversion of the original game is so dull that reputable game reviewers are mourning the 3 dollars they spent on the download.

Besides, there are plenty of other NES accessories and features that the Wii U does not support. For the complete/pure NES experience, you must buy an original Nintendo Entertainment System. Read on to learn more.

The Best Nintendo NES Games

Buy Original Nintendo NES ConsoleFirst, let’s consider why there are still so many ways to play NES games. In all honesty, the original NES offers some of the most enjoyable video games ever made. Classic gamers will always remember the first time they played the original Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, or Mega Man.

These games take you on some surprisingly deep journeys that span hours or even days. And once these journeys are over, you can relive them again and again.

These games are also a great way to bond with your kids. Regardless of all else, you should find at least some way to play original NES games. And we have hundreds of awesome Nintendo NES games for sale in our shop.

A Fun Challenge

It’s true, however, that these retro video games are often more difficult than, say, a PS5 game. Unlike today’s games, NES games don’t have the forgiveness factor.

Typically, when you die, you start all the way back at the beginning of a level. Lose all your lives, and you start the whole game over.

This is profoundly frustrating. At the same time, that just makes it more satisfying when you beat these games.

Also, these old Nintendo games have been around so long that you can research them before you buy. This way, you can find those titles that are perfect for you while avoiding those that are notoriously hated.

The Best Nostalgia

Authentic NES systems provide authentic nostalgia. We mentioned in the intro how ports and emulations don’t always provide the same experience.

In fact, this phenomenon is unavoidable. Change is always an inherent part of duplication, no matter what. Thus, ported/reproduced NES games feature slight variations in sound, color, performance, and other factors.

You may be surprised by how much these variations kill the nostalgia of the experience. For instance, an NES replica might be powerful enough to eliminate the infamous slowdown that occurs when there’s too much action onscreen.

For classic gamers who are accustomed to this glitch, this massively alters the gameplay. The only way to experience true NES nostalgia is with a true NES original console.

Things Your Nintendo Alternative Can’t Do

Besides Duck Hunt, there are several other Zapper-compatible games you can’t play authentically without an NES console. There are also several excellent 4-player NES games you can’t enjoy anywhere else. These can only be played on the NES with the Four Score accessory.

In addition to the Zapper, there are an insane amount of NES accessories, from the Power Pad exercise mat to the infamous Power Glove. You guessed it, these are exclusive to the original console.

A couple of really fun accessories are the Game Genie and the Turbo Blaster.  The Turbo Blaster is an attachment that electronicallyNES Turbo Blaster activates the A and B buttons in rapid repetition.

You plug your controller into the turbo blaster, and you can adjust how fast the A and B buttons repeat. This is great for shooters (Gradius, Gun Smoke) as it will certainly save your thumb.

The Game Genie lets you plug various cheat codes into almost any NES game. These cheats make difficult games easier and also let you enjoy your favorite titles in strange new ways.


Go ahead, bring up the topic of console durability to classic gamers. You’ll soon discover two things.

One: lots of them still play the same NES consols they’ve been using since the 80s. Two: nearly all of them have had to replace an Xbox or other 6th-generation-or-higher console.

Older consoles like the original NES have already lasted for decades and should continue to do so. Can the same be said of cheap NES knockoffs from a Chinese sweatshop? Not so much.

You Don’t Support Bootleggers When You Buy Original

Lastly, these cheap, Chinese knockoffs might be unauthorized bootlegs. You can avoid supporting these criminal counterfeiters when you get an original NES for sale. You just need to know what to look for.

Original NES Top Loader vs Front Loader

If you have a chance to purchase the NES Top Loader console over the original Front Loader, do it. The Top Loader is so much easier to use, and it doesn’t suffer from poor pin connection like the Front Loader.

Buy an Original NES Console Now!

Now you know: there’s only one true way to enjoy your favorite NES classics.

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