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Retro games are worth more than movies and sports combined. Their revenue in the US sits at over $179.7 billion, compared to $100 billion for film and $75 billion for sports. 

The industry grows quickly with new games released every year, but that's not the only reason it remains dominant. Retro gaming on decades-old retro consoles like the Nintendo NES and GameCube is still a popular pastime.

Finding these original game systems online can be difficult and expensive, and buying a physical copy in person is often a better option.

Read on to learn more about the joys of buying and the profits of selling your games online. The Old School Game Vault has an extensive catalog of classic systems and thousands of retro games for sale.

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The Rise of Retro Gaming

The most obvious reason for the popularity of retro gaming is nostalgia. It brings you back to the early days of your childhood when you booted up your first console, put in your first game, and were amazed by what it could do.

The average age of the 2.5 billion gamers in the world is 34. Even the act of walking into a retro shop fills them with that sweet nostalgia, to say nothing of actually buying a game.

The ritual of booting an old game up creates a unique experience compared to clicking on a digital copy. The feel of the box, the look of its art, and the sound of the power button all create a rush of endorphins.

Modern games are hyperrealistic and cinematic. They may be impressive, but there's a certain charm to the old, polygonal graphics of retro games.

Most old games are short enough to beat in a day and don't require distracting updates or downloads. This makes them a better purchase for busy working men and women.

Many retro game lovers have also become retro video game collector. This, along with the nostalgia of their youth, makes the experience of going to a retro shop and looking for the next item in their wide collection even better.

Benefits of a Retro Shop

2/3 of console gamers prefer to have a physical copy to display on their shelf. Buying a disc is the only option for obtaining certain PC games, even if disc drives are no longer the norm. 

Your first thought may be to go to a chain like GameStop, but don't ignore the retro shops. There are several benefits of buying used games from them. 

Saving and Earning Money

The first and most apparent benefit is the amount of money you'll save. You could end up spending half or even less of the amount you'd spend on a new copy. 

Selling used games or systems at a retro shop is also a better and more profitable experience. It may be the only place to take old games that are now considered obsolete. 

Better Deals on Old Games

Waiting until a game has aged also gives you time to check reviews to see if it's worth your money. They can guide your decision, regardless of when they were written.

New games tend to come with launch issues and day-of patches that take you out of or ruin the experience. Buying used copies means you're more likely to receive your game in a finished state.

What to Buy or Sell

Deciding what to buy from or sell to a shop requires looking at several factors. They include nostalgia, value, and rarity.

Beloved Classics

Retro gamers love to find the first entries in beloved franchises such as Pokemon and Legend of Zelda. It's worth seeing where they began and how far they've come.

A used game store with a wide selection of games can help you complete your collection if you're looking for every entry in your favorite franchise. You'll get your hands on lesser-known entries.

playing gamesConsider the popular life simulation game The Sims. It has a spin-off known as the Stories series that includes Castaway Stories, Life Stories, and Pet Stories. Fans may not have a chance to get them without going online.

Many lesser-known games deserve recognition because they pushed the industry forward. We wouldn't have the huge triple-A experiences we do today without the innovations they created.

Phantasy Star II on the Sega Genesis was the first to use a 6MB cartridge and the biggest console game of its time. It's a great game, and we mention it in another article about the best sega genesis RPGs

Valuable Old Game Systems

Classic game console values have been increasing at an average rate of 33% since the pandemic. The one with the highest rise is the GameCube at 70%. The lowest is the PlayStation Portable at 20%.

Almost any console with a Pokémon theme jumps up in value. Collectors' editions are also rare. The poor-selling ROB managed to become so popular with retro gamers that he made his way into Smash Bros. 

Rare Vintage Games

Certain vintage games are also increasing in value, especially those in the Pokemon franchise. Pokemon Emerald for the Game boy Advance increased by 145%, and Heart Gold for the DS increased by 133%. 

The Original NES is one of the most popular video game systems in the world, but many of its games can be hard to find. Only one copy of Nintendo Campus Challenge was ever found.

Copies of the same game released on different systems may be rarer than others. Tetris is one of the best-selling video games of all time, but only ever 10 copies of the Sega Genesis version were produced.

Go Back in Time

Gaming is one of the largest and fastest-growing entertainment industries in the world. New entries attract attention, but retro gaming provides a fast dose of nostalgia.

An online vintage video game store makes it easy to find rare games for a fair price and sell the ones that modern chains won't take. Step back into your childhood to find your new favorite shop.

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