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How to spot Counterfeit Video Games

Just One More Fight: Why I Can’t Quit Borderlands

Borderlands Gameplay

With the release of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel less than a month away, I’ve been thinking about my utter inability to stop playing Borderlands games and attend to more important things in my life like family, work, and feeding myself. I like shooters. 

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Is Retro Gaming Harder, Than Todays Games?

Retro Gaming

Has Mainstream Gaming Gotten Less Patient?          

I remember a time in about 1991 when I borrowed Super Mario Brothers 3 from a friend for a weekend. I wanted to beat it before I gave it back, but this being the relatively early days of console gaming,

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Board Games have unique qualities gaming can't Match

Board Games and GamePlay

Why I love gaming with Board Games

            A few weeks ago, E. Ortiz wrote an interesting article over at Big Blue Die (Which is no longer Live) is about why board games aren’t going to be killed off by video games, noting the emphasis on in-room socialization and tactile engagement with the game.

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Apocalypse Lost: Telltale Games Lost Their Way - Not Forever

The Wolf Among Us

Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers about The Wolf Among Us and Season Two of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games (and implied spoilers about Season One).

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A Special Story from Season One Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Telltale Games

Spoiler Alert: This post contains spoilers about Season One of Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

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Does Interconnected Game Play Work?

Interconnected Game Play, Zelda

 In the last couple of years, interconnected games in which player actions in one game affect options or situations in another have started to pop up more frequently than usual.

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Rarer than Unicorns: Escort Missions That Deserve Saving

The Last of Us

As I discuss in a related post [here], escort missions are usually terrible, bringing otherwise fun games to a screeching halt with shoddy mechanics, annoying characters, and terrible AI.

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5 Reasons: Escort Missions Are Almost Always a Train Wreck

Metal Gear Solid

Escort missions. Few things in videogames can elicit a Khan-like scream of despair from players so quickly. 

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Trust Me! Play Video Games Anywhere, Tailored Games follow

Oculus Rift, VR Headset

Where You Play Affects Your Games (or, Where You Play Them, Games Will Come)

            Where we game has changed a lot in recent years, not only with the success of the Wii as a system where games are played in a space, not just on a screen (quickly imitated by Kinect for the Xbox 360 and Move for the PS3).

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Is Their an Overabundance of Video Game Awards?

Video Game Awards

And the Award for Best Video Game Awards Goes To No One

            Movies have the Oscars, TV the Emmys, theatre the Tonys, and music the Grammys. What do video games have? Thinking about game awards reveals how different from older entertainment media today’s game industry really is.

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Bioshock Infinite vs The Last of Us: A Look Back Part 2

BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us

Note: spoilers for the two games being discussed are all over this article.

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Bioshock Infinite vs The Last of Us: A Look Back Part 1

BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us

Note: spoilers for the two games being discussed are all over this article.

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What is your thought, do video games have Spoilers?

 Video Game Spoilers, Stories

Can Gameplay Have Spoilers Like Stories Can?

NOTE: This post contains story and/or gameplay spoilers for the following games: Final Fantasy VII, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, The Walking Dead (Telltale Games version), Mass Effect (1), Heavy Rain, Spec Ops: The Line, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Infamous 2, and Mass Effect 3.

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Why Online Gaming Is Good for Kids

Online Gaming for Kids

Online Gaming for ChildrenVideo consoles like Playstation and Nintendo were once the kind of video game units that had people locked in their rooms alone for hours on end, but now they've brought the world inside by connecting gamers over the internet.

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Some Games You Have to Play on Hard Mode, To Fully Enjoy

BioShock Infinite, The Last of Us

When I moved to back to Chicago, IL in 2004, I brought with me an old hand-me-down Nintendo 64 Video Game Console (or, more accurately, hand-me-up, since it came from a younger brother). After sending out a batch of job applications,

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Video Gaming Experiences, that have Changed our Outlook!

Retro Video Game Experiences

Gaming Firsts: A different perspective on influential gaming experiences

            I’ve never thought about my gaming history in any systematic way, so this post is me thinking through my gaming firsts (well, mostly firsts).

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Keep Playing, Why Classic Video games need a Remake

Retro Video Game Sequels

Remakes have to walk a tightrope between pleasing purist fans of the original and finding new audiences (and the cash in those audiences’ pockets), and the game that pleases both camps entirely is rare.  

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BioShock 1 Versus BioShock Infinite, Which One Wins?

BioShock, BioShock Infinite

Just finished a re-play of BioShock Infinite the other day. There are so many reviews and gamers calling BioShock Infinite one of the best games every made for the PS3.

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Free-to-Play Games: Got Questions we got the Answers!

Free To Play Games

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Can Halo Add Interesting In-Game Narratives to Its Gameplay?

Halo Multi-Player Games

 Should Halo Expanded it's giant Universe going forward? Or Not?

I never owned an Xbox system until I bought a 360 in Fall 2011. So I was almost exactly ten years late to the Halo party when I fired up a hand-me-down copy of Halo 2 that fall. Halo 2 was showing its age by that point, of course, but it still made an impression in a couple of ways.

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