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How to spot Counterfeit Video Games

What Are The Expansion Ports Under A NES And N64 Used For?

Nintendo 64DD Disc Drive

These days, game systems come with all kinds of I/O ports—USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Optical Audio and more. These portals are used to do everything from log online to connect digital cameras.

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The Six Best X-Men Video Games You Gotta Play!

The Best X-Men Video Games to Play.

The stars have aligned. The pleas of a legion of devoted, entertainment-starved fanbase have reached the heavens and changed the order of things.

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The Ultimate! Video Game System Selling Guide

Sega Video Game Console

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Why, Where and How Should I Study Game Design?

video game design

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Thats Phat! The Best Video Games from the Year 1998 - Part 2

Thief | Best Video Games from 1998

1998, as we’ve talked about in the previous article, saw the release of some all-time classics. 3D began to take hold, and games and game developers responded in kind.

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4 of The greatest retro Batman Video Games from the 90's

The best retro Batman Games

The Dark Knight is without a doubt one of the most beloved comic book characters and pop culture icons of all time. Over decades, Batman’s brooding nature, ace detective skills and colorful gallery of villains have become second nature to most of us.

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Could A Video Game Be the Answer To Your Kid's ADD/ADHD?

Video Games helping kids with ADD/ADHD

Video games seem to be part and parcel of parenting today. And while kids love them, you might not be thrilled at the idea of your kid choosing video games over homework - especially if video games seem to be the only thing on which they can concentrate.

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Thats Phat! The Best Video Games from the Year 1998

Best Video Games from 1998

The year 1998 was a truly landmark year in video game history. This was the year Legend of Zelda finally went 3D. The first FPS with a stellar, story-driven campaign was released. The age of the modern stealth game began.

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Booyah! The Best Retro Video Games from 1997 - Part 2

Top Games from 1997

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Booyah! Retro Gaming Rewind in the Year 1997

Best Games of 1997

1997 was another solid year for retro video games. Plenty of long-running franchises came out with fun entries, and some unexpected gems stole gamers’ hearts worldwide. This was also the year 3D Realms began developing the game that ended up taking an eternity to release – Duke Nukem Forever. 

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Reliving 1996! Part 2 Remembering These Video Game Classics?

The Best Video Games From 1996

As we’ve mentioned in Part 1 of this series, 1996 was a truly landmark year for video games. The industry saw a huge number of classic entries – from violent first-person shooters, to fun platformers and grim strategy games.

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Reliving 1996! Do you Remember These Video Game Classics?

best video games of 1996

A massive number of classics were released in 1996 across a wide variety of platforms, and in this article, we are going to talk about some of our favorites from 1996.

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The Cream of the Crop! The Best Marvel Video Games

Best Retro Marvel Games

Guardians of The Galaxy 2 just hit theaters, and it’s a joyous, fun-filled big screen experience, like all of the other movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a great time to be a comic book fan, with several lesser known comic book characters getting their own movies.

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Discover - The Best Retro Video Games from 1995

Best 1995 Video Games

1995 was a landmark year for video games. The Playstation was only a few months old, and Sony was looking to make a comeback after Nintendo and the SNES had been trouncing their products.

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Video Game Sequels! That Were Better Than the Original

Video Game Sequels

Last year we presented a list of video games whose developers were nice enough to build upon the original and deliver great sequels. These included such famous examples as “Batman: Arkham City,” “Assassin’s Creed 2,” and some subsequent editions by a little-known franchise called “Halo.”

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The Best Games of 2016 Part 2: The Best of The Best

The Best Video Games of 2016

This was tough.

2016 had so, so many stellar games that almost any list would essentially leave out a few favorites. However, we combed through our personal gaming archives, had several heated discussions over email and in person, swapped a lot of skeptical hippo memes and finally managed to narrow it down to a select few candidates.

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The Best Video Games of 2016 - The Old School Game Vault

The Best Video Games Of 2016 | Best games of 2016

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Fantastic Video Games! That helped shape gaming in the 80s

Retro Gaming

In a previous blog post we touched on five of the most iconic video games of the 1980s. This wasn’t necessarily a compilation of the greatest games (although some, like Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. will always have re-playability), but rather those titles that defined a decade.

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Holy Crap! Counterfeit Video Games & The Growing Problem!

Counterfeit Video Games

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Da Bomb! 9 of the Dopest Retro Video Games from the year 1994

The best retro video games gems 1994

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