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How to spot Counterfeit Video Games

5 Kick-Ass Shooters to get you Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

Video Game Shooters, Shmups

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5 Remarkable Retro Video Games that Defined the 80s

Retro Video Games

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5 Insanely Great Retro Gaming Brawlers You Gotta Play!

Retro Video Games

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6 Fantastic Reasons for Gaming Behind the Times

Retro Gaming Consoles

A Day Late and a Dollar Long: The Joys of Gaming a Generation Behind

Aside from my first console and first computer, falling a console generation behind in the mid-nineties was the best thing that ever happened to me as a gamer.

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Console Wars - Sega Saturn vs. Sega Dreamcast

Retro Video Games

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Decisions - What Kinda Video Game Character do You Play?

Video Game Characters

(NON-)SPOILER NOTE: This post discusses the moral situations of the protagonists of several games without going beyond very general plot outlines (Does the character make seemingly immoral decisions? Do his/her reasons seem good?

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The Nintendo Switch: Is it Buzz or Hype

The Nintendo Switch Video Game Console

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Five Moments in Time that Revolutionized the Gaming Industry

Video Game Industry

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HOLLYWOOD: Why Are There No Good Video Game-Based Movies?

Silent Hill Movie

Why Hasn’t There Been a Great Movie Based on a Video Game?

When I saw the roller-coaster-like movie Gravity, I was surprised to realize that I occasionally felt like I was watching a video game on a giant screen.

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Video Game Sequels That were Better Than the Original

video game sequels better than original

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Grand Theft Auto at 20: Why It’s as Vital Now as It Was Then

Grand Theft Auto 20 years Later

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A few of the Scariest Video Games to Play on Halloween

Scariest Video Games

Ever since the advent of the VCR, it’s been a tradition for kids to pop in some horror flicks when Halloween night rolls around. But a new generation is here, one that grew up playing console video games, and one that saw the rise of the “survival horror” genre.

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Are Remastered Video Games a Good Thing?

Remastered Video Games

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Have Certain Retro Games, Stood the Test of Time?

Retro Video Game Experiences

As we look forward to a generation of consoles that will not be backwards compatible with older game discs, it’s gotten me thinking about the different ways in which old games have proven to have a variety of extra lives.

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Gaming Perspectives; the Right and Wrong Way

Gaming Genre

Games that Skillfully Switch Up Genres and Viewing Perspectives Offer a Great Change of Pace

            “Gritty Action Movies.” “Suspenseful Morality Sci-Fi Movies from the 1930s.” “Whistleblower Steamy Psychological Animation Based on a Book Set in Biblical Times About Trucks, Trains, & Planes.” Genres can be weird, right?

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How Video Game Publishers Keep Screwing the Gamers! Part 2

Video game collector’s editions

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Retro Review Showdown, Which Mario Kart Game Is the Best?

Mario Kart Video Game Series

This article is a debate between which old Mario Kart game is the best. I’ve been playing Mario Kart 8 lately (and love it), and that’s got me thinking about how big a part of gaming the Mario Kart series has been for me. 

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Console Wars! Was the Sega DreamCast the First Xbox Console?

The Sega DreamCast was the First Xbox Console?

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When Is It Time to Give Up Mid-Game?

Stop Playing Mid Game

When it comes to games with stories, I’m a completionist. I’m a story completionist rather than a gaming completionist—once in a long while I’ll aim for 100% completion in a particularly great game, but mostly I’m content to do the main content and a selection of the side quest-y stuff. 

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Four Crazy Encounters Involving Pokémon Go

pokemon go funny stories

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