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How to spot Counterfeit Video Games

Tips For Leveling Up Quickly in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go - Tips for Leveling Up

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How Video Game Publishers Keep Screwing us the Gamers!

Why Video DLC's Are Bad

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Five of the Best Space Themed Video Games of All Time!

Best Space Games

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The Top Five Badass Spies in Video Games

Stealth video games

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Survival Horror Characters that can Kick Jason Voorhees Ass!

Survival Horror Video Games

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Top 5 Survival Horror Games That Would Make Remarkable Movies

Survival Horror Video Game

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The 6 Most Badass Marvel Video Game Bosses

retro marvel video games

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The Best Superhero Video Games of All Time

Best Superhero Video Games

Superheroes. They’re everywhere. The success of superhero films in the last few years has brought the spandex-clad do-gooders out of the basement and into popular culture. We’ve seen them destroy alien invasions, save people from burning buildings and shrink to a size so small that it can only be understood by theoretical science.

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Tips to Controlling Your Video-Game Addiction



According to data, today’s millennials are the most plugged-in generation in history. On average they spend a whopping 9.5 hours a day engaging with media, usually through smartphones. But it isn’t just mobile devices that have hooked folks—for many people, their drug of choice is video games.

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Exploring the Magic Behind the Golden Age of Arcade Gaming

Video Game Arcades

Today, millions of people from all over the world take part in a multi-billion dollar a year industry called competitive gaming. The rise of eSports has facilitated this trend—and people take it seriously.

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Are Video Games to Blame for Acts of Violence Today?

Violence in Video Games

Video Games and the Corruption of America’s Youth

Throughout history, nearly every generation has condemned their respective youth for one thing or another. In fact, three Ancient Greek philosophers once had similar thoughts about the youth of their time.

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Why Retro Video Games are Exploding in Popularity!

Retro Gaming

The trend can’t be denied: retro gaming is on the rise. Rabid collectors scour the globe for old Atari 2600 cartridges, and folks young and old can be found with old dusty consoles sitting alongside their PS4s and Xbox Ones.

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5 Rare Atari Video Games Worth More Than Your Car

Rare Atari 2600 Games

To the uninitiated, retro gaming might seem like a niche hobby. But nostalgia is a powerful thing, and this power translates to big dollars. Take the rare video-game market, for example. Certain titles can fetch thousands of dollars on auction sites or from private buyers—and we’re talking many thousands. 

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What’s the Secret to Pokémon's Success after 20 years?

Pokemon - NIntendo

2016 marks the 20-year anniversary of the day little cuddly monsters called Pokémon first appeared on everyone’s favorite Gameboy. The title was a labor of love created and slaved over by famed designer Satoshi Tajiri, who, as legend has it, was inspired by his childhood hobby of collecting insects.

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The Worst Sega Video-Game Console Exposed

Sega Video Game Consoles

Probably no console manufacturer lost the initiative worse than Sega did after it slayed the dragon known as the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1992, on the heels of a gambit that saw Sega bundle the Genesis system with Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Why Video Games & Consoles Turn that Nasty Yellow Color

Yellowing Video Game Consoles

It can happen to even the most scrupulous retro-game collector. You’ve got a pristine Super Nintendo displayed alongside other throwback consoles, and yet somehow it turns yellow over time. 

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The Philips CD-i, A Multimedia Video Game Console

The Philips CD-I

There are a few video-game consoles out there, such as the Sega Saturn and the NEC TurboGrafx-16 that have been lost to the slow march of time. But avid retro gamers enjoy collecting these machines because they offer throw-back thrills and underrated gameplay.

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The Rise and Fall of a Video Game Behemoth - Sega

Sonic The HedgeHog

In the summer of 1991, at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show, video-game behemoth Nintendo revealed the follow-up to their much-adored NES console. The Super Nintendo would improve on the original in every way, featuring 16-bit graphics and capacity for some 32,768 colors.

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Whats Special about the different Versions of Video Games?

Game of The Year Version of Video Games

Many video-game collectors like to compare the greatest-hits and original versions of titles the way music fans compare secondary and original pressings of records.

Why The Neo Geo is Rich-Man Retro Gaming?

Neo Geo

Over the last 40 years dozens upon dozens of home video game consoles have been released across the globe. Some, like the NES, retailed for affordable prices ($89.99), while others, like the TurboGrafx-16, were prohibitively expensive ($399.99). 

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