How to Spot Counterfeit Pokemon Game Boy Advance Games


Counterfeit Pokémon video games getting more & more frequent in the gaming community.  With large online platforms allowing counterfeits to be sold.  We all have to be careful we don't pay good money for a Counterfeit Pokémon GBA game.  Below is our guide to detect these counterfeit games, before you buy them.

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How to Spot Counterfeit Pokémon Nintendo DS Games!


I was playing my Nintendo DS, and the Pokémon game I was using wouldn't load. I thought that was strange, the pin on the game looked clean, and my DS played every other game inserted. Furthermore, I tried the Pokémon game on a different DS, the game started up, but would then freeze.

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How To Spot Counterfeit Nintendo 64 Games


The first thing I do when I encounter any expensive game is looking for serial numbers. For Nintendo 64 games, look in the cartridge slot. On authentic games, if you look in the groves of the N64 game, you see some numbering in the slots. 

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Holy Crap! Counterfeit Video Games & The Growing Problem!

Counterfeit Video Games

Counterfeit Video Games are steadily making their way into homes more & more frequently.  As, the used video game market has been a wildly profitable industry ever since the home-console boom of the 1980s. And over the decades, the home video-game market has only continued to grow.

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How to Spot Counterfeit Super Nintendo Games


Recently we obtained a box of some really Rare Super Nintendo titles.  At first glance, it was pretty obvious to tell these games were not authentic.  Below are points about how to spot Counterfeit Super Nintendo Games or also called "fake" or "reproduction" SNES Games.

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