How to Spot Counterfeit / Fake Super Nintendo Games - SNES


Recently we obtained a box of some really Rare Super Nintendo titles.  At first glance it was pretty obvious to tell these games where not authentic.  Below are points about how to spot these fake/ counterfeit "reproduction" SNES Games.

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Holy Crap! Counterfeit Video Games & The Growing Problem!

Counterfeit Video Games

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Expert Tips, For Spotting Counterfeit Pokemon Game Boy Advance Games

Fake GBA Pokemon Games

Pokemon video games are one of the more popular series of video games. Pokemon games have been around since the early 1990’s when they made their debut on the GameBoy & Game Boy Color video game console. Since their vast popularity and high sales, pokemon games are very susceptible to counterfeits and fake games.

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Eye-opening Techniques to Spot Counterfeit Pokemon DS Games!

Fake Pokemon Nintendo DS Games

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