How To: Open and Tear-Down a Playstation 3 Fat Console

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to Break Down a PS3 Console down to the Motherboard. You are going to need a few tools to get this going, A Small Philips Screw driver, A regular sizeTear down PS3Phillips screwdriver and a Flat Head Screw Driver or a T-10 torque bit.  If you like, you can skip to the bottom to watch our how-to video.

Let's Begin to Open up Our PlayStation 3 Fat Console

First Step:

  • Remove the screw from the side of the console and the warranty sticker. This is done with the small flat head screwdriver or security tamperproof T10 screwdriver.
  • Then slide the lid of the top of the console
  • Remove 7 Screws from top of console shell, and then pull upward.
  • With enough force, the shell of the console pop’s loose.

Removing the internal Components:

  • Remove the Disc Drive – remove two ribbon cables and a small connector cable.
  • Remove the Card Reader – remove the two screws holding this down.
  • Remove the Wi-Fi Board – remove the antenna cable, four screws and the ribbon cable.
  • Remove the Power Supply – remove five regular screws, and the ground screw. Then unplug the two connectors
  • Remove the Antenna – there is only one small screw for this.
  • Remove the Eject Board – this is the small board just in front of the disc-drive. Remove the four screws holding this down.
  • Take the Hard Drive Out – remove the black plastic door, and remove one screw with your small Philips screwdriver.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned items use smaller screws; this will help when you put the console back together.

Next Step:

  • Remove all the screws surrounding the Board – two of the screws will require the use of the small Philips screwdriver. It also depends on the model of the console.
  • Then take out the four screws in the middle of the board, holding the gpu & cpu in place.

Last Step:

  • Take the board and fan out of the console shell – Remove the plastic on the back of the console.
  • Next you can remove the top metal plate - easy
  • Then remove the fan, by unplugging the cable
  • Then remove the battery from the board – this is important, the battery will explode from the heat.
  • Remove two small screws that hold the Hard Drive holder to the board - with your small Philips screwdriver.
  • Now remove the metal plate

 Here is a Youtube video we made on the Topic

Now you have just the board in your hands. If you need help with fixing a PS3, I have other videos on fixing a PS3 with the yellow light of death, and how to re-calibrate a ps3 disc drive.

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Sunday, 05 February 2023