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Sega DreamCast Power Stone Review

People are superstitious and adventurous while on a search for fortune and glory. They are searching for a legendary treasure that makes dreams come true, that legend is the power stone.

Power Stone is not your prototypical two-player fighter for the sega dreamcast. Which has been classified as an 3D arcade style arena fighter, with a variety of different characters to choose from. Each character possess his or her own set of fighting styles, but what sets this game apart is the intense fighting action.

Power Stone features non-stop, flipping, flying, and kick butt fighting action!

Once the battle starts, you have the option to strategically kick your opponent’s ass, or you can avoid attacks and counter with a plethora of additional weapons. You can throw tables, chairs,Power Stone Review trunks, really anything you can get your hands on will aid in defeating your enemy. These trunks will open up every few seconds and release new weapons to the game board. You’ll have swords, pipes, guns that will aid to the mix of what you can use to destroy your enemy.

The game play is at a very fast pace, which sets power stone apart from other fighters. You will find yourself flying and fighting in the air, running and jumping off walls. You can even destroy many of the props on the game board, and use them as a weapon to defeat your enemy.

What are Power Stones?

These trunks that appear can release colored stones or “power stones” that give up life upgrades. There are various different colored stones you have to at your disposal, which will restore your life.

The purpose of the power stones are to give you power up and to activate your special moves. The special moves will make you almost invincible for about five seconds, be careful as your enemy can still inflict damage. If you collect three power stones in a row, you enable your special moves. The power stones randomly appear around the game board, there is a square indicator that tells you when and where the newest power stone has been revealed.

While scrambling to defeat your enemy and collect the power stones, you don’t want to get hit. If you get hit, you’ll lose a power stone, and it will become available for pickup on the game board. So playing with stealth definitely adds another element to the uniqueness of this game.

Sega DreamCast Power Stone ReviewThe Game Boards:

Like I mentioned before, each board is set up in a square format. You can’t go beyond the limits of the square board, if you're thrown off the board you’ll smash into an invisible wall that will keep you with in the game board. Each game board is unique, and offers a variety of different elements to use during battle.

The Characters:

You have a choice of eight different characters to choose from; each with their own special board that represents the country in which they are from. This seems very similar to the set-up of street fighter. Each character will specialize in their own style of fighting. You’ll have big slow powerful characters; you have small quick characters, and even some strange characters that will posse their own unique skills. It's definitely advisable to find which character you play best with and hone your skill set with them.

All the game characters speak in Japanese, but the commentary is in English. Really you don’t have time to listen to any speaking during the battle, since it's a non-stop race to grab the power stones, and kick your opponent's butt.

The Conclusion: Is Power Stone a Good Game?

Yes, if fast pace arcade fighters are your thing, power stone delivers across the board. The graphics are on point and each level is pretty basic. The game play makes power stone a true classic and delivers a unique and “crazy style” of game play to make this one of the best fighting games ever!

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Monday, 05 June 2023