Batman The Video Game Nintendo NES Review

 The Intro:

My fingers are still hurting after playing this little gem last night. This game came out shortly after the Batman Movie released in 1989 with Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Michael Keaton as Batman. 

This maybe one of the hardest NES games ever made.
Batman The Video Game Nintendo NES

As a kid, I never could beat Batman there are certain spots in this game where definite nes skill play comes in handy. The object of the game is to make all the way to the bell tower to defeat the joker. You will have to go through grueling level after level, defeating the jokers Henchmen and making jump after jump. The game does follow the plot of the movie somewhat, but not all the levels do. It does seem most of the levels take place in the Axis Chemical Plant.

Game Play:

This is another side scrolling NES game, where you start at the bottom of a level, and you need to work your way all the way to the top of the level. This type of game can certainly be very frustrating as you climb the level killing all in your way, then if you miss a jump you’ll fall to the bottom of the level and need to make your way back up the level. There are about five total levels to complete in the game, with each level having about 3 sublevels and a boss fight at the end of each level. Batman has the ability to jump, climb walls, and shoot a variety of different weapons.

The weapons are a simple batarang, a gun and a dirk (with throws 3 weapons at once into the air) each weapon needs to be used at different intervals in the game. Sure, you can use any weapon you pick up along the way, but certain situations call for certain weapons. Some of the more difficult enemies you encounter can be easily defeated, by the use of a weapon.

As you are playing the game you’ll come across a Batman Nintendo NES Game Reviewdifficult enemy, if you walk far enough in the screen you can see the enemy, and he won’t move towards you. In this situation, fire your gun or your dirk at the enemy to easily destroy them.

End Boss Over-View

The first level Boss

Moth Man – is pretty easy to defeat, you just need to stay in one location on the screen and avoid is power weapon. He will fly down from the screen, and you can punch him or fire your special weapons at him.

The 2nd Level boss

It is easy to beat if you’re equipped with the dirk. This boss is a machine that has three different weapons you need to destroy. Being equipped with weapons is certainly a key with this boss.

Each time you defeat an enemy, he will leave behind a gift, if you will. The gifts generally are called pellets, which basically give more ammunition for each weapon you yield. The enemies will also leave behind a heart to replenish your health. Frankly, in this game, hearts can be scarce.

The 3rd Level boss

Wow, pretty difficult, you have the ability to jump up on a ledge to defeat him. I certainly found it easy to fire unlimited batarang's at him, which killed him. This is a tough fight, and you definitely need to find what works best for you.  I believe the jumps in level 3-3 will certainly take some practice; this is probably one of the tougher spots in the game.

Level 4 boss

Which is two electrically charged boxes that move around the room in a certain pattern. The best weapon for this boss is just punches, you’ll need to sit up top and wait for the boxes to pass by and punch the day-lights out of them when they pass. Shooting your weapons at the boxes doesn’t seem to have any effect on them.

Level 5 Boss

Just before you think you’ve made it to the joker.   A little surprise is in store for you, to defeat the first boss just fire non-stop batarangs at him. Now it’s time for the Joker, now he has some crazy power to ignite lighting bolts on the entire screen as long as you can avoid these lighting bolts, just punch the crap out of the joker.

The Conclusion:

Wow, it’s really over? This game like many other Batman Games have it all, it’s super hard, but the challenge is so worth your time. I’d certainly recommend playing for a while, you'll get frustrated, but just keep your NES on till you are ready to go again.

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