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Snow Brothers - A Silly Concept, with a High asking price....

Nintendo NES Snow Brothers

Snow Brothers Intro:

Definitely a goofy game, the gameplay is very similar to that of Bubble Bobble.

The overall game isn’t very hard just long and a little redundant. You have to complete 50 stages in the game, with a boss battle after each 10. The bosses are some crazy looking reptilian type characters.

The Story:

You play as either one or two snowmen, named Tom and Nick. Whom have been transformed into snowmen by the evil king.

The GamePlay:

Nintendo NES Snow Brothers ReviewYou can play the game as either 1 player or with 2 players. Snow Brothers is definitely more exciting with a friend, but not much changes if you play by yourself. Each level has a variety of enemies you need to defeat in order to proceed. Each level is a little like a puzzle. You have enemies coming at you from all directions, you’ll have to jump around the maze or puzzle to destroy your enemies.

Your character has the ability to throw snowballs at your enemies. The idea is to hit an enemy with a snowball and keep hitting the enemy until he turns into a giant snowball. Once the enemy has transformed into a snowball jump and press “b” and the snowball rolls down maze to the bottom of the screen. The trick here is to have the enemy snowball go roll down the maze in a direction of the other enemies. All the enemies who get run over by the giant snowball will also be destroyed. This is a key trick to defeating levels quickly and easily. You also have the ability to hop on the snowball and move down the maze as well. This is good to get out of a bad situation or if you get pinned between enemies.  The enemies won’t stay in their snowball forever, so you need to roll the snowball quickly. If you happen to die will transforming an enemy, the enemy can start to shake off the snow.

Along the way certain enemies will drop some goodies for you to pick up. Most of the items are food, which will give you some bonus points. Some enemies will drop different varieties of potions; these will give your character special abilities as long as you stay alive.

After you defeat a boss, in-between the next level you have a chance to play a slot machine. If you match up the characters you can get bonus points and extra lives, which come in handy.

Like I mentioned above you have 50 levels to complete, for the most part the first 40 levels seem redundant. The enemies will vary but the puzzle or the maze all seem sorta the same. Once I reached level 40 the Nintendo NES Snow Brothers Reviewlevels became more fun, you had puzzles where you would get stuck, and could only wait for any enemy to stop by. Other times, you could fall at the bottom of the screen and you would land at the top of the screen. These type of level’s became really fun, and created more creative ways to defeat the enemies. Most of the levels have a time limit, even though the time is not noticeable. If you take too long an evil pumpkin head and some ghosts will chase after you, so don’t take to long. I don’t believe you can turn the pumkinhead or the ghost into a giant snowball so dodging these characters is the way to go.

The Graphics and Music:

Most of the levels in Snow Brothers the graphics really didn’t impress me, I understand this is 8-bit material but nothing stood out for me. The later levels did provide better graphics, and the music wasn’t good or bad. I would say the music didn’t really paint a picture or tell a story with n the game, but it went along with the game nicely.

The Rarity of Snow Brothers:

Snow Brothers is a relatively expensive game for Nintendo NES Standards. With prices fetching upwards of $150 for a loose cartridge in good condition. The reason this game is expense seems to be the old economic ways of thinking. The game in 1990 didn’t achieve great sales, so since there wasn’t a huge demand for the game, the supply wasn’t available. With this being said a game with a limited supply back in the 1990’s makes for a rare title in todays world.

The Conclusion:

Snow Brothers reminds me a lot of Bubble Bobble and BurgerTime. The overall game play is pretty simple, but addictive nonetheless. I definitely would not pay the current asking price just to play Snow Brothers, just get an emulated copy. The game got pretty redundant and at times was boring.

Game Score: 5.5 Out of 10

Release Date: 1990
Genre: Platformer
Console: Nintendo NES
Players: Single, Multi-player
Developer: Toaplan 

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