5 Tips You Should Know About How to Sell Used Video Games

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One of the major mistakes people make when trying to get their old video games to sell is that they don’t see the forest for the trees. Most of the time, folks are happy pocketing a quick buck on a sale, yet they don’t realize that the market to sell your video games is one that rakes in million's of dollars each year.

And trust me, that cash isn’t coming in with only one and two-dollar transactions. There’s big money out there, but few amateur sellers actually know how to avoid being taken advantage of. The trick is knowledge, patience and fortitude. Sometimes there’s more to the transaction than just money. There are many factors that can contribute to having the best experience when your games for cash online.

Sure, getting some extra cash in your pocket is important, but just how transparent is the entire process? How many business days does it take, from start to finish, to get paid by a particular company online? These are valid concerns, let discuss them a little further.

Cold hard cash May Not Always be the Best Option

On the one hand, cash in hand for a retro game is ideal—just not when it comes to selling to the big chains. Those who are selling game cartridgesvideo game trade in to GameStop, for example, will always want to take store credit. This is for the simple reason that these bigger venues will often give you more in store credit than they will in cash.

There’s also a way to finesse the process, and it involves waiting for any trade-in specials. These usually come on the heels of the next-gen release of game consoles. So keep your eye out—the next time GameStop releases a new system, they’ll also likely be offering great deals on store credit in exchange for some classic games.

Consider to Sell Video Games on Amazon

Selling used video games online through the Amazon Trade-In Program isn’t going to net you much more than GameStop (in fact, their prices are comparable). However, this is one of the best-selling options for those who want to unload video games without any hassles or headaches and who want an expedited process. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house to get your video games to sell through Amazon.com.

Simply visit the homepage and go to the “trade-in” section of the site (you will need to be logged into your account in order to have your video games sell). Then search for the game you would like to sell, select it and print out the postage. Amazon.com offers free prepaid shipping label to those who are selling games online. Also, when you sell your video games, they add points to your account. So this is a nice solution for those who do a lot of shopping on Amazon. 

Sell with Private Buyers whenever possible

There are plenty of private buyers, as well as independent businesses like The Old School Game Vault, which has Trade-In and Buyback programs. The alternative they offer is great, instead of selling to the big chains is worth considering. Large corporations have firm profit margins they need to adhere to, and if they can get away offering lousy trade-in credit for your old video games, and they certainly will.

For example, it’s not likely that the GameStop's of the world will give a seller $600 for a copy of “Panzer Dragoon Saga.” Or pay good money for your old PS2 Games, either. However, rabid retro gamers, or an independent business proprietor, are more likely to recognize the value of such games and offer up a great buying price.

Start Selling with an Online Marketplace like eBay

You can go with the online auction sites like eBay and use their selling App to list things.  eBay can be a great platform and a huge headache at the same time.  eBay though would be a great choice to sell video game consoles and sell off all your old games, and gaming accessories in one big lot. 

As with eBay, there are a bunch of potential buyers you can reach easily on their platform.  The downside is all the fees: a selling fee, a listing fee, a service fee, and not to mention dealing with an annoying complaining buyer.  A lot of people nowadays enjoy the Facebook Marketplace to sell video games.

Benefits of Selling Online with The Old School Game Vault

I'd recommend you sell your games with a company that specializes in buying unwanted games & Sell Retro Video Games gaming consoles.  Most companies like The Old School Game Vault offer instant price quotes when you sell games to us.  Whether you choose to use our service or another, here are a few tips for your success.

Transparency Should Be A Key Factor

Electing a video game company that notifies you along the way is great. You need a company with great customer service that responds to your questions via email or via phone calls. If a company cannot even bother to respond to emails, how good will they be during the selling process?

Here at The Old School Game Vault, we have always tried to over communicate with our customers as a solid practice. We strive to notify each customer during the entire process. From, the very first email, to the shipping label, to receiving your package and the payment. We want our customers to be comfortable, and we strongly believe transparency & communication are key at The Old School Game Vault.

Go with a Company with a Solid Reputation -

Don’t make the mistake by not reading what others have said. If you do a simple search about any online company, you'll be amazed at what you find, whether that be good or bad. At The Old School Game Vault years ago, we thought it was important to get as many reviews as possible, and have them scattered on as many sites as possible. Over the years, many sites Webwiki Reviewchange how they do reviews or simply go away.  So nowadays we have a large testimonial section from real customers with real experiences selling video games online through our site.

Get Paid Your Way & Free Shipping Label

I guess this seems like a no-brainer, but you got to understand your payment options.  Most companies will offer instant payments via: PayPal, gift card, Amazon e-gift card, pre-paid debit card.  Even a few companies will pay you via direct deposit, so make sure to observe the frequently asked questions page. Shipping costs will be important if you choose to deal with an online company. Just make sure you meet the threshold to qualify for free shipping supplies.

In Conclusion

These are just a few ways to get your video games to sell, either online or in person. By following the above guidelines, it’s possible to net hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Best of Luck

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