Where to find the best place to sell Old Nintendo Games?

Who’d have thought that after exploding on the scene in the ‘80s and raking in tons of cash, those old Nintendo Entertainment System games would enjoy a renaissance on the used market decades later? Those iconic games such as Super Mario Bros 3, Mike Tyson's, Donkey Kong are becoming more and more popular.

It’s not just the NES game cartridges that are being bought up by retro gaming collector's. The original hardware is also getting a second life as collectors search for rare systems to add to their collections. And while some people will pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for these rare consoles.  Chances are you don't have one of these rare systems to sell.  Many of the rare consoles are an exclusive prototype console or feature a Sharp TV with a NES Console Built in.

And to be clear: This is a used market that makes billions of dollar annually. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone - collectors' best place to sell gamesgoods in any kind of format tend to generate big money. So whether it's a "Zombie Nation" or an original "Bonk's Adventure" cartridge, the law of supply and demand says that these classic games will always sell for a premium.

What follows below is a basic primer to sell nintendo nes games in today’s modern age.

Know what you have

If you're aiming to sell old nintendo games, you need to know exactly which one you have. Knowing the exact name and edition number of the game could make the difference between making a few bucks off the sale and making thousands.  Yes there are a few games that the price really fluctuates by who produced the game.  For Example there were two version of Indiana Jones and the last crusade.  If you were lucky and obtained the Ubisoft release of the game you could net a few hundred dollars.  On the other hand if you had the Taito release of the game you get a $18 dollars or so.

Knowing the year that the game came out is also crucial information. Some games were released in the mid 80's, and made a second appearance in the library as the classic series.  A few examples would be Metroid which first release was a gray labeled game.  Then with the re-release had a yellow label for the game.  Both of the Zelda games made a release this way as well.  Some of these games can fetch a few extra dollars.

Before we go any further just remember before any sale to clean your games up.  Just use some regular cleaner and a Mr Clean Magic eraser and you can easily clean your games.  I can't stress this enough, a clean game is going to sell for much more than a game covered in markings and or stickers.

If you have the original box and instruction booklet, all the better. Above all else, remember these little things about the game—any serious buyer is going to want to know these details before handing over their cold hard cash.  Don't forget if you have a Nintendo Power magazine for a particular game, that can help make the sale as well.

Best Place to Sell Games

There are many options on where to sell NES games, but not all of them are going to give you the best deal for your items. The ideal scenario is to trade in video games with a reputable company, like The Old School Game Vault, or any organization that has a reputation for honest dealings and have high buy back prices.

Our platform is super unique and very easy to use.  We buy pretty much every pre-owned NES game you could think of.  Every Nintendo NES game we buy we have listed in alphabetical order with the trade in price next to the game.  Or better yet, if you type in the name of the nintendo nes video game to sell in the search bar, you can instantly start selling nes games that way.  We also have a page to sell NES Nintendo Consoles, NES Controller, NES Zapper and much more. 

We also offer a pre-paid shipping label for all video game trade in orders that are above $100.  Not to worry if you game is below $100 to $75 you'll still get a label, but we deduct $10 if you plan to use it.  Sorry ship is getting expensive.

Payment is a crucial part of all this, we generally can get you paid with in a few days of receiving your order.  We will let you know when your package arrives and when we plan to issue payment.  We do payment in 4 different forms. From Instant like Paypal or direct deposit through zelle, and the Classic Paper Check or an Amazon Gift Card.  You can go here to read over our policies.

Should You Auction Old Nintendo Games

Sure, there are individuals who are willing to spend big bucks on rare original games. But, there are 100's of common games that are not very inexpensive. If even after researching prices, you aren’t certain about what your title could bring, then go to the auctions. Obviously, eBay is a fantastic resource to list your sell old nintendo games online, but being aware of how to fine tune the listing so that it gets noticed is equally important. Use keywords such as “retro or vintage” instead of “second hand” in the description section, and if the item is in perfect condition and comes with a similarly intact box, make sure to include that information. Potential buyers will begin contacting you directly asking to bypass the whole thing and pay right away. Don’t fall into that trap. Allow the selling to take place through the entire duration of the sale. You’ll likely come out ahead in the end.

Remember, if you're planning to auction off your games online, be sure to do it in small batches. Selling lots of individual items at once means you'll have to pay for a ton of shipping individually.  But seriously who wants to sell nes games, game by game.  Just use our service to sell all your video games & be done with it.

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