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3 Essential Tips! To Sell Used Video Games Online for Cash

Sell Video Games Online

Roughly, there are over 1 billion websites on the Internet.  That is an enormous amount of resources, services and business all scattered in one place.  It can be a daunting task to find out who is reputable and who is not.  Here are a few tips to help spot the best place to sell your video games to.

Sell Video Games Online


Any company you are considering dealing with should be as honest as possible.  I realize this seems a little silly to bring up. You would be surprised what you can find out about a Company or a website just doing a quick Google search.  Does the website have any awards or accreditation?  Can the website pass scrutiny through a nifty site called webutation which gives a report on a websites reputation online?  If you said “No” to any questions, it’s time to find another website.

The Old School Game Vault is always communicating with our customers about their experience using our service. As I’m amazed to hear about how many times I've been told that website X & website Y don't pay people.  So it's important to thoroughly check about a website, read their reviews, reach out to someone who left a review and ask them a few questions.  You can easily do that thru Facebook or Google.  Don’t be shy, most legit business have their contact information easily available.


How clear is the information about the service you are considering using?  Ask your self does what you’re reading about their policies, does that make sense?  Any reputable company should be upfront and honest about how their service or how their business operates.  You should not have to dig for basic information about a company. 

Try to get an understanding on how clear the website is through out the entire process of selling your games.  The Old School Game Vault has countless reviews about how well we communicate with our customers.  We always notify our customers during every step of the selling process.  From start to finish you'll be notified when your package arrives, when your order is processing and when the payment has been issued.  Not to mention when payment is issued we give a detailed receipt regarding a customers order.  On the receipt it will show any deductions, rejections or any information that would be valid with your order.  As we try to keep any surprises to a minimum.


The previous paragraph really ties in with availability, but you don't want to send your video games into a company and never hear back from them.  Unfortunately this is a sad reality about doing business over the Internet.  That's why it’s important during your research that the company has a solid reputation.  The Old School Game Vault has been buying and selling video games for over a decade.  We have had thousands of satisfied customers along the way, and we could not have achieved our success with out being honest, transparent and being available to our customers.

Did you know that we buy used games and sell reto video games directly on our website?  We have great prices and lots of retro video games to choose from.  Come On, Let Go Shopping!


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