9 Mesmerizing Examples Of How to Sell Video Games Online


There are many things to consider when researching where to sell video games online for cash. You want to find an honest, reputable company, with a solid trade-in program for selling games, which will take a little research on your end. Taking into consideration the following points will aid in finding a desired video game company.

Do Solid Research

Unfortunately, this is a sad reality about doing business over the Internet.  That's why it’s important during your research that the company has a solid reputation.  The Old School Game Vault has been buying and selling vintage video games online for over two decades.  We have had thousands of satisfied customers along the way, and we could not have achieved our success without being honest, transparent and being available to our customers.

Since the video game industry is a multi-billion dollar sector. There are many companies trying to cash in and grab their share of theWhere to Sell Video Games Onlinemoney.   This means there are plenty of well-established businesses out there, so doing a little research will uncover the best trade-in and buyback programs.

First, by understanding what games and or video game console you have to sell, will help you determine the best place to sell video games to.  Many companies don’t buy retro games, and gaming accessories. So you will need to find an online company that specializes in buying classic games as well as the current genre of consoles. Understanding this point will keep you from wasting your time, and help you narrow down a company faster.

What time period is considered Retro Gaming

Retro video games, would be considered gaming consoles from the 80s & 90s and early 2000s.  A few of the more popular gaming consoles would include: Nintendo NES, Original Game Boy, Sega DreamCast, PlayStation 2 and the Game Boy Advance. With popular titles like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Kart, God of War, Mario Golf and Mario Party.  The newer genre would include: Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3ds, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.  

Is the Company Well Represented in Search

Any valued and trusted company should have their brand name widely available from any major search engine. If you want to deal with a local game stores; type in the keyword “sell video games online for cash” and your city and state. This should bring up many companies to choose from, the well-branded companies should have many positive reviews pop up with in the search results.


How clear is the information about the service you are considering using?  Ask your self does what you’re reading about their policies, does that make sense?  Any reputable company should be upfront and honest about how their service or how their business operates.  You should not have to dig for basic information about a company. 

Try to get an understanding on how clear the website is about their selling options.  The Old School Game Vault has countless reviews about how well we communicate with our customers.  We always notify our customers during every step of the video game selling process.  From start to finish you'll be notified when your package arrives, when your order is processing and when the payment has been issued.  On the receipt it will show any deductions, rejections or any information that would be valid with your order.  As we try to keep any surprises to a minimum.

Take a look at their online presence.

You need to ensure you are not selecting a fly by the night business. You should type the name of any business into the search bar of any major search engine. Google, yahoo, Bing will display many reviews for countless business worldwide. 

Go to Trustpilot and look for reviews on any particular company. This will certainly show you how active this company is, in many you might find some complaints from buyers or in this case sellers.

Looking for a business on some major social media sites, will also give you some great information. You will be able to find, testimonials from actual customers. Facebook pages, and Google profiles are an excellent starting point. With some companies, reviews could be false, but what you find on social media can definitely help.

Roughly, there are over 1 billion websites on the Internet.  That is an enormous amount of resources, services and business all scattered in one place.  It can be a daunting task to find out who is reputable and who is not. 

How is their customer Service?

Smiling Face Cash For GamesMany businesses can gloat about their great products or services, but to me, great customer service is what sets a business apart. If you have doubts about any company, give them a call, and speak with them directly. Email a company and see how fast they answer their email, and by all means ask questions. Any reputable company will gladly answer any and all of your questions or phone calls in a couple of business days. Companies should be transparent about their products and or services right from the get go

Search Instant Trade-In Price 

One of the great aspects of the Internet, is the ability to compare official trade-in values.  You will be astonished to find many sites don’t offer very competitive price; they are more concerned with buying cheaply and selling high. You’ll find many companies prey on the ignorance of the customer, so it pays to do your research to get the best-selling price.

Shipping Options

With any online transaction, shipping costs will play a big part.  Some companies may have different policies on how to qualify for a prepaid shipping label. So just make sure to ask or look around if you have to pay any shipping fees.

Speed of Payment

Getting paid is the bottom line with any online transaction. Finding out how quickly customers get paid from any online service should be on top of the list. A great place to find this information should be clearly visible on any site. If not, don’t hesitate to contact the company and find out their payment options.  Generally, the most common payment method would include: direct deposit, gift cards, pre-paid debit card and an Amazon e-gift card.  Then you have instant payments like zelle, Venmo or PayPal. Don't expect a cash payment, as that's not a very safe payment option. 

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