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How to Uncover: Where to Sell My Video Games

The Old School Game Vault

Do a Company Name Search

A company you want to do business with should be well branded across the Internet. Find a company that you are considering and type in the title of the company in google, and see what pops up.

Many untrustworthy companies inner secrets will pop up pretty close to the top of the search results. Retro Video Game Trade In CompanyFrom poor reviews, blog posts from people like you explaining their experience with the company. At the same time, many honest and great companies to do business with, you'll be able to see all their reviews, accreditations, and all the positive users experiences.

Legitimate testimonials

By all means look at any companies google reviews, this is a pretty tell tale sign if a company is honest and offers a great customer experience. Many companies should include some sort of accreditation on their website showing how honest of a business they are. Look across the web from places like, google maps, yahoo local, webutation for testimonials about the company. Check out a company’s facebook page, see if the page is active and this can be a great resource to see how well the public perceives this company in social media outlets.

Reasonable pricing

Before you use any video game trade in service, check out the prices you will receive. Make sure the prices for the games are actually the prices you will receive upon trade in. Check out a few of the sites you have found and compare prices for the games in which you want to sell.

Successful track record

After searching the web for a companies online profile, and assuming you find a few great company like The Old School Game Vault. Give them a call on the phone or send them over an email, ask a few questions. It’s important to try and get a feel for how their customer service is. Did they answer the phone, where they quick to answer your questions? This definitely will help you find a great place to sell your games too, and in the end actually get paid for your items.

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