Video Game Trade in Values, 4 Myths that Are Not True

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I have Old Retro Video Games:

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean you can trade it in for lots of money. Unfortunately, the old concept of supply and demand comes into place. Many gamers today are not actively going after the late 1980s and early 90s video games.

Many of these consoles have simply not stood the test of time, and can be a challenge to play. These consoles suffer from poor game play, poor controllers, and lack the basic concept to keep the gameplay entertaining. Games such as Pac-ManRetro Nintendo NES Games, Frogger, Space Invaders etc. are still a great games today, but theses were some of the more popular games and had a very huge supply. Many of the above-mentioned games are still being ported today. You can find Space Invaders on your Mobile device; while Frogger and Pac-Man are still having titles released. So many video game trade in sites don't pay a lot for these games, just due to vast supply of these games.

Super Mario Bros Games on Nintendo NES:

I get this question all the time; people think just because they have an original Super Mario Bros game that it should be worth a lot of money. That could not be farther from the truth. Many of the early Mario games were so massed produced that nearly any gamer who wanted a copy in the 1980s had one. According to a sales chart from Wikipedia “Super Mario Bros on the NES sold 40.24 million copies”. This clearly shows that there was an absorbent amount of copies of this game made, which is going to hinder the used video game trade in value.

Old Retro Video Game Consoles:

Many of the old video game consoles are going to suffer the same result as Super Mario Bros game mentioned above. As Atari, and Nintendo NES have been considered to be in more basements across America than any other video game console. Many of the more popular mainstream consoles are not going to have huge trade in value. These consoles had huge sales numbers; on the flip side, some less know consoles will have a nice used trade in value. Consoles such as; the turbografx-16 and the Panasonic 3do were not popular consoles during their releases. These consoles suffered from high asking prices for customers to buy them. This turned many mainstream gamers away from these video game consoles; these lesser known consoles definitely have a higher video game trade in value when, than a lot of the more main stream consoles.

Sports Games Trade In Values:

Sports games are probably the least valuable of used video games. Many of the sports games Video Game Trade inon Atari and Nintendo are pretty horrible compared to today’s standards. Since the early 1990s sports games have been a yearly release. Madden football games just celebrated their 25th anniversary. So every year for the last 25 years, there has been a new John madden football game hitting the shelves. Many other basketball, and baseball games will suffer similar fates as the yearly madden games. As with myself, why would I want to play MLB 2001, I have no clue who was good back then, and don’t even remember the players. Gamers want to play a game and recognize their favorite athletes. I guess this is another reason NBA 2k series brought Michael Jordan back, and enjoyed huge success because of his “airness”.



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