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A Few Questions to Ask when Selling Video Games Online

Legit Online Companies

Not reading the fine print with any transaction can be detrimental. You need to have a clear understanding what exactly you are getting yourself into. Unfortunately the world-wide-web is full of of dishonest people. Selling Used Video Games Online can be a pretty straightforward process, depending on the company you select.

How and when will I receive my payment?

PayPay is a very valid method of payment on the web, its quick, easy and very secure form of payment. Business Checks and cashiers checks are a very legitimate method of payment. Sure checks will have a longer delay, since you have to rely on the mailRetro Video Gamesto deliver your check. Another popular form of payment is chase quick pay, you would need to have chase as your bank, but this is probably easier than a paypal transaction.

What is the companies process?

Everything should be done on a time frame, there is no need for your video games to arrive at its selling destination and sit for weeks. As mentioned in our other blog posts, any online company should be transparent with their services. Some sort of video explaining the process should be available to customers. Checking out a frequently asked questions page should have a description of a time frame you should expect with a sell video games company.

Are they legit?

This is probably the biggest question to ask or at least to research on your own. There are dozens of 3rd party websites that grade websites for trust. There are also many accreditations available for business to obtain to solidify trust to their customers. Does the company you’re considering have any reputable accreditations? Have you looked around on say yelp and google for reviews about the company? These are a few quick ways to find the dirt and the honest truth about any online sell video games company.

How long have they been in business?

Dealing with a new business can have its perks for sure. They would be eager to obtain your business, and offering buy back prices that are very favorable. On the flip side, you need to put a lot of trust in a new business, established business certainly can make any online transaction less stressful. New businesses can have less of an Internet following, and could be easy to slip away.

Can I sell my stuff locally?

Shipping off a collection of used video games in the mail can be stressful, understandably so. Many companies are more than qualified to handle this kind of transaction. If you live locally to a company and you are considering selling, ask if you can stop by and get paid in cash.

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