The Old School Game Vault Buys Nintendo Wii U and PS4 Games

Buying Wii U & PS4 Games

The Old School Game Vault is pleased to announce that it now buys both games and video game consoles manufactured and distributed under the Nintendo Wii U banner via its online storefront. Customers all over the country can sell Wii U games and sell Wii U consoles through The Old School Game Vault site effective immediately.

Selling video game console hardware and software at The Old School Game Vault is an incredibly simple process that can be completed directly from any Web browser. All games on the site, including those for the Wii U and other supported consoles like the Wii, 

Selling GamesPlayStation 4 and Xbox One, are listed in alphabetical order. That’s right you can now sell ps4 games thru The Old School Game Vault as well. If a customer has a particular title that he is looking to sell, all he has to do is find the title in the alphabetical list to find out more information. The price for that particular game or hardware component will also be listed, so a person will always know what they will be getting for a particular item before the selling process continues.

Studies have shown that when you sell used games and gaming consoles is one of the primary ways that video game players can recoup some of their initial investment. Instead of allowing a completed game to sit idly on a shelf or in a drawer, customers are increasingly turning towards selling video games back to obtain a certain percentage of the purchase price to put towards newer items that are continually being released.

One major benefit of the Nintendo Wii U is that it is backwards compatible with all games originally released for the previous console, the Wii. If players have an old favorite title that they don’t want to miss out on, they can still purchase a Wii U and enjoy that game for many years to come on newer equipment.

Nintendo reported in February of 2014 that they had sold over 5.8 million Wii U consoles in territories all over the world.

"The Wii U popularity is growing," said a representative for The Old School Game Vault. "We have now decided to give our customers great used game prices when they decide to sell their Wii U games online."

The Wii U was released by Nintendo in North America on November 18, 2012 and was the successor to the company’s popular Wii console, originally released in 2006. It was considered to be the first of the “next generation” consoles and will soon be joined by the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One in the fall of 2013. As the first of those latest consoles, the Wii U supports full 1080p high definition graphics, two gigabytes of onboard RAM and a revolutionary new gamepad with a built-in screen. Nintendo released the console in both “Basic” versions, with eight gigabytes of built-in storage, and a “Premium” version with 32 gigabytes of storage.

One of the main selling points of the Wii U is the Wii U GamePad. Unlike the video game controllers of consoles from the past, the Wii U GamePad is something like a traditional controller and a tablet device rolled into one. Though all of the buttons and joysticks that you would expect are present, the unit also features a built-in touch screen. The screen can help you control various aspects of the game that you’re playing on your television, supplement gameplay with additional options or even replicate what you’re seeing on screen depending on the way that the peripheral is used by the developer in question. The Wii U Pro controller is also available and is designed more like a traditional controller device. The Wii Remote Plus is also available, which mimics the controller style of Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii, with its nunchuk-like gamepad used for motion control with certain titles.

For gamers looking for the most cost-effective way to indulge in their favorite hobby, selling Wii U games and selling Wii U hardware items that will no longer be used via the Old School Game Vault is an excellent way to maximize their own return on investment.

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