5 Ways To Make Money Selling Used Video Games

If you're looking for an easy way to make extra cash, then consider reselling old video games. It's a great way to make some extra money without having to spend too much time on it. You can maximize a used game's value and get the most video game trade-in value and here's how.

Keep current with the latest Gaming Consoles

It doesn't happen often, but the value of your video game will go down after the release of the newest gaming console. So the quicker you can sell off the last genre of games, the better. The reason for this, as soon as the newest console comes out, the last genre of games is pretty obsolete. Just keep in mind, regardless of the year of manufacturing, sports games have little to no resale value.

Where to Sell Used Video Games

Some experts suggest you can reach more potential buyers on an Online Marketplace around November or December before the next console comes out. The next latest & greatest gaming consoles, typically come out around the holidays.  So you want to time your selling options one or two months prior to the release of the newest gaming consoles.

Get extra cash for your items, during the biggest online sales.  One of the biggest days to sell your used gaming systems & gaming accessories online has to be on Black Friday.  Black Friday is when mobs of people are looking for deals, including gamers, whether it be online or in the store.

A more modern sales day is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday was invented when Internet sales took over. Shopping online and video game selling during this time go hand-in-hand. You don't need to go to stores to buy and sell games, some video game trade-in sites, like The Old School Game Vault, make it so conveneant to sell used video games online. We do have a minimum selling requirement of $25 to trade in your games.  Otherwise, we have no selling fee, or listing fee, just find your game or console, click sell-it and that's all you need to do.

The Original Packaging can Help

The original package can really help raise the value of what you are selling.  This would include Complete Video Gamethe original box & manual for the classic games, from consoles such as the Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 games.

Or if f the game  includes a DVD or soundtrack, make sure to keep these items.  You may even find it difficult to sell CD based games, when they are loose. Meaning they don't include the original case, manual and artwork originally included with the game.

Keep it Clean

This seems obvious, but take care of your games & video game console, and you'll net a higher price. If you plan to resell your games for cash, make sure you take care of them. Don't keep them in damp places, wipe off any dust, and don't keep them in places where they can get damaged by anyone, including pets.

You also want to keep your retro video games away from places that suffer from the elements. You don't want to place anything in direct sunlight or a place where it's too hot or cold. I would just recommend you store your items in a storage bin in a safe location.  Make this location some place such as a closet or a storage room inside the house where temperature is controlled.

Choose Video Game Selling Platforms Wisely

The amount you get when you sell video games online is dependent on the platform you choose. You need to determine the best platform for your sale. The only way to identify the best platform is research. I would do extensive research about any online video game company you find, just to ensure that they are legit and have solid reviews. Your research should include finding out who has the most competitive prices, payment options, do you qualify for a prepaid shipping label, how many business days  does it take to receive payment.  The payment method should be clear & straight forward.  Many companies now use instant payments, via direct deposit, amazon e-gift card, or trade credit. 

For instance, most people go online to eBay to find new and used games for sale. Do a search for your games and find out what the best selling price. This way you'll have a value in mind, just encase someone is trying to low-ball you. Not all online video game trade in sites are the same; many of these sites will prey on the fact you don't know what you are selling. It is important to compare prices for a couple of the games you wish to sell.

Just remember that transparency is key in finding the right company. Hopefully you've found some rock solid information to help you in your search.
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