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Are you wondering where to sell games for cash?  Let me image you have been playing video games since the '80s, and now in 2022, you possess a large collection. Or say your kids moved out of the house and left a huge mess of unwanted games & gaming accessories. So, what are you supposed to do with them all? Now it's time to find out where you can sell them or to whom.

You're bound to be lucky in your pursuit, as there are plenty of selling options. It's except that the video game industry as a whole is expected to reach 314.4 billion in revenue by 2026. That figure seems to think by 2026 there will be over 300 millions gamers worldwide.  The point I'mVintage Video Games trying to make here is that you should have no problem selling games online.   

So what are your options for Selling Video Games?

There are a plenty of places to reach potential buyers, especially if you sign up for an online marketplace account. At the end of the day, what ever online platform can get your products in front of the most buyers is the best.  I realize selling online can make some of us nervous, so you can always try to exchange video games at a local game store or a pawn shop.

Although, many people find success in selling video games online. Here is another article we wrote, that has some awesome tips to sell video games online - here.

  • eBay

  • Amazon Trade-in Program

  • GameStop

  • Facebook Marketplace

  • The Old School Game Vault

When games cost between $50-$60, & game consoles are several hundreds of dollars.  The first goal should be where can I get the most money back on what I have to sell.  Below are some tips using an online marketplace.

Research Starts Now

You have to understand what you have before you just start selling off stuff.  It's recommended research old video game pricesto check online to research what prices you can expect to get for your retro video games.  A great way is to go to eBay and enter in what you are selling, then scroll down the left side and click on "completed items". This will show you the complete sales prices of what you're selling for the last 90 days. This is a great tip!

The price of old video games can fluctuate depending on the time of year and the amount of supply of a particular title. However, Nintendo games tend to be more stable.

The market always seems to be flooded with Nintendo games for sale like: Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros., Mario Golf, and Donkey Kong Country.  So the prices aren't going to fluctuate much with these titles.

Time for Product Listing

A good listing is essential whether you are selling on a forum or any other marketplace. Giving a potential buyer as much information as possible will help them understand what they are buying. There is no need to write a book, but you should add these items:

  • The game's physical description - be honest

  • A brief description of the game

  • A few clear photos, in a good light

In your description, you should be as honest as possible about the condition of the item.  It doesn't pay to lie about the condition, as then you'll be dealing with pissed off customers and returns.  Just describe what you're selling as detailed as possible, people like to know what they're buying is worth the price.

Photo's should not be too hard nowadays with all the advancements with mobile phones.  Just take a clear photo, and ensure you have enough light, and you can see the image clearly.  I always hate when I want to buy something and the photo sucks.  

As the seller, don't make the mistake of grabbing any old stock photo of the game cartridges you are selling. Nobody wants a stock photo!. Also, if you're selling a rare game, be ready to have more photos readily available for your buyers.

Don't Cheap out on Shipping Supplies

New sellers often make the mistake of cheeping out on quality shipping materials.  The Post Office, FedEx and UPS damage things all the time, you have to take the necessary steps to protect what you're shipping.  Old video games are no exception, as they need padding as the plastic cartridge shells are brittle and can break easily.

It's impossible to predict what will happen when an old electronic is being shipped across the country. In addition, taking extra precautions to protect your package can result in buyers buying more of your retro games.

If You want a Hassle free Way, Sell Video Games With the Old School Game Vault

If you have a bunch of classic games from the 80s and 90s, you might want to consider our video game trade-in service. For example, you can sell old Game Boy games, original PlayStation, Game BoyThe best place to sell video games Advance and Nintendo NES games on our platform quickly, and easily. Did I mention you can sell a gaming console and accessories for cash?  Our platform also buys newer games from the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch and you can get extra cash selling gaming consoles as well.

It is an easy process. In the search box, you can look up the price of your device or game. For orders over $100, you qualify for a prepaid shipping label. However, we do have a $25 minimum to qualify for official trade-in values, therefore, it is best to sell in bulk.

We also give you various payment options, sorry we don't offer a cash payment.  Our payout methods include, instant payments from PayPal or Amazon e-gift card, or you can get a direct deposit through zelle.  If those payment options don't work for you, we also offer a business check or store credit as a payment method.

It can be hard to let go old gaming consoles, and the games you played as a kid. However, now is the time to sell those retro video games, while the market it hot! 

Search our platform & discover why we are the best place to sell video games today!

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