Why should you sell a bunch of video games online?

So, how do you get started? We'll show you. Below, we've written you a complete guide that explains everything you need to know.

For instance, we'll teach you the best places to sell your video games and how to maximize your selling price. We'll also explain whether it's better to sell your games for cash or to trade them in.

Lastly, we'll help you avoid some common mistakes people make when selling games online. Learn the ins and outs by reading this helpful guide.

Why You Should Sell Video Games Online

For many gamers, the main reason you are reading this article is to learn the best way to sellEthical Online Video Game Businessyour games, to buy more games. That is, building a retro game collection to indulge your retro gaming hobby is expensive. If you sell some of your favorite video games, you can use your profits to buy games for your own collection. 

Cash For Gamers

Secondly, you could merely profit for the sake of profiting. Classic games are always in demand because of their rarity. Many are out-of-print, even as digital games on modern consoles.

The only legitimate way to obtain them is to buy them used/previously owned. Thus, instead of losing value with age, they actually increase in value.

It's Easy

And unlike most businesses, you don't need a lot of start-up capital to begin selling games. Plus, you don't have to be that dedicated.

You could sell games simply as a hobby to make a little extra cash. Or, you could make a full-time career out of it. 

Where are the Best Places to Sell your Games?

Selling your old video games on eBay or Amazon isn't always easy. You'll have to pay fees, wait for buyers, and deal with shipping costs. But there are other options out there. 

You definitely have a lot of options if you have tons of games to get rid of.  Here's a breakdown of your options, including the ones you should avoid.  Really it's the same staples, you got your auction sites, and your marketplaces, and places where you meet people face to face.


Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon can be good options. Because these are so competitive, it's easy to price your games by checking similar listings. You'll also sell your games for the value they're actually worth (when you sell them individually).


Selling anything on Craigslist is sketchy, dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs. Namely, these transactions are not secure in any way.

Worst-case scenario: your so-called "buyers" may actually try to mug you instead of paying for your games. Or they'll try to haggle you down or scam you in some other way. Alternatively, they might just change their minds about the deal and stand you up. 

Garage Sales

It's much better and safer to sell your game items at a garage sale. Although, you can still advertise the games on Facebook Marketplace if you like.

But, this way, you let the customers come to you—in a safe location, no less. Instead of selling games in a secluded parking lot at 10:00 PM, do it in a neighborhood in broad daylight.

Old Game Stores/ Online Marketplaces 

Selling at an online retro game marketplace, like The Old School Game Vault, is like selling on eBay, only better. For starters, you get the same competitive pricing & an instant quote for your items. Not to mention, you can qualify for a prepaid shipping label, if you sell over $100 worth of old games.  The Old School Game Vault will pay you via pre-paid debit card, gift cards, or with direct deposit via zelle.  Payment generally arrives in a few business days after they receive your order.  The Old School Game Vault has been around since 2007, so it's got plenty of experience buying and selling used video games. The Old School Game Vault also offers trade-ins, which means you can get money back for your old games.

But, as buyers, niche marketplaces are more reliable than some random college kid making drunken eBay purchases at 3 in the morning. Online retro game stores are eager to buy your game for cash and very unlikely to return it. Conversely, eBay buyers with buyer's remorse might use some excuse to take advantage of eBay's buyer protection policies. 

Retro Game Stores Near You

Local retro video game stores, like GameStop, are not usually a good option if you're looking to profit. Frankly, they don't need your games to stay in business.

So, they'll usually pay less than your physical games are worth. However, they'll typically give you a better deal for a game trade-in.

How to Get Extra Money for Your Games

First, you get the best price for your game when you know its value and refuse to get lowballed. Check eBay and Amazon for going rates. Also, know that most of the popular games sell for more when you sell them individually, not in combined lots.

Next, you have to adjust your price based on the game's condition. Functionality is the most important pricing factor. You may be able to sell non-functioning games/consoles to someone who refurbishes, but only at a very low price.

After that, the value is based on the appearance and completeness of the game. Games that are scratched, stained, or missing their labels will sell for less. But if your game sale includes the box, manual, and everything else it came with, it sells for more.

Finally, seasonal pricing is also a factor. Used games sell at a much higher price during the Christmas season.

Tips, Tricks, and Mistakes to Know When Selling Games Online

The most important tip to know is how to authenticate the games you sell. There are a lot of sellers out there peddling counterfeit games.

If you sell any, even by accident, you could face legal charges. You must research how to spot these counterfeits before you sell them. 

Next, package your games & retro video game consoles with great care. You don't want any damaged games as, your buyers will return them.  Just remember, game cartridges are plastic & plastic does break easily.

How and when will I receive my payment?

PayPal is a very valid method of payment on the web, it's quick, easy and very secure form of payment. Business Checks and cashiers checks are a very legitimate method of payment. Sure checks will have a longer delay, since you have to rely on the mail to deliver your check. Another popular form of payment is zelle, you would need to have a zelle account with your bank, but this is probably easier than a PayPal transaction.

What is the companies process?

Everything should be done on a time frame, there is no need for your video games to arrive at its selling destination and sit for weeks. As mentioned in our other blog posts, any online company should be transparent with their services. Some sort of video explaining the how to sell video games should be available to customers. Checking out a frequently asked questions page should have a description of a time frame you should expect with any online company.

Are they legit?

video games to sellThis is probably the biggest question to ask, or at least to research on your own. There are dozens of 3rd party websites that grade websites for trust. There are also many accreditations available for business to obtain to solidify trust to their customers. Does the company you’re considering have any reputable accreditations or Testimonials? Have you looked around on say yelp and google for reviews about the company? These are a few quick ways to find the dirt and the honest truth about any online company.

How long have they been in business?

Dealing with a new business can have its perks, for sure. They would be eager to obtain your business, and offering buy back prices that are very favorable. On the flip side, you need to put a lot of trust in a new business, established business certainly can make any online transaction less stressful. New businesses can have less of an Internet following, and could be easy to slip away.

Can I sell my stuff locally?

Shipping off a collection of used video games in the mail can be stressful, understandably so. Many companies are more than qualified to handle this kind of transaction. If you live locally to a company, and you are considering selling, ask if you can stop by and get paid in cash.

Get Started Now

In conclusion, it can be pretty easy to make a legit profit, and buy more games. What could be simpler? Keep this guide close by and follow these tips to start a lucrative game peddling hobby.

Get started now by clicking "Sell Your Video Games Or Search Bar" at the top of this page. Or, learn more about our game buy back policies by reading our FAQ page.

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