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Don't focus Solely on Prices to Sell Used Video Games Online

sell used video games online - The old school game vault

Sure, we all want to make the most money or save the most money with any given transaction we are planning. Sometimes there’s more to the transaction than just money. There are many factors that can contribute to having the best experience selling used video games online for cash.

Sure, getting the most cash important, but just how transparent is the entire process? Just how long does it take from start to finish to sell your video games to this particularSell Used Video Games Online - The Old School Game Vault company online? These are valid concerns, let discuss them a little further.

When doing a search to sell your video games online, I’m sure you'll find a couple sites with some big trade-in values. You'll need to dig a little deeper and see how much of a hassle it will be to deal with the said company. Several companies will be trying to hide the real reason they offer high prices, by ripping you off. There are several websites that you can research to see if a company is legit or not. The old school game vault has been around for over a decade online and has seen many of these sites come and ago.

Transparency -

Electing a Sell Video Games company that notifies you along the way is great. You need a company with great customer service that responds to your questions via email. If a company cannot even bother to respond to emails, how good will they be during the selling process? We've always tried to over communicate with our customers as a solid practice. We strive to notify each customer during the entire process. From, the very first email, to the shipping label, to receiving your package and the payment. We want our customers to be comfortable and we strongly believe transparency & communication are key at The Old School Game Vault.

Reputation -

Don’t make the mistake by not reading what others have said. If you do a simple search about any online Sell Video Games company you'll be amazed at what you find, weather that be good or bad. At The Old School Game Vault years ago we thought it was important to get as many reviews as possible, and have them scattered on as many sites as possible. Over the years many sites change how they do reviews or simply go away. For example, yahoo had a business section where customers could go and leave reviews for a business thru their yahoo email account. Then yahoo changed that policy to using yelp reviews and any yahoo review you had, got lost in the change. So nowadays we have a large testimonial section from real customers with real experiences selling video games online thru our site.

Lastly, I’d say make sure the pricing structure is fair for the video games or video game consoles you are trying to sell.   It makes no sense to sell your video games if you’re not getting a fair market value for your games. Again, do some research and see what maybe fair or read some reviews to see if others think the prices at a particular site are fair or not. I’m sure in the end you’ll see The Old School Game Vault as a viable option to sell retro video games online.

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