Video Game Trade In Service, Where to Find the Best Deals?


The average American gamer spends up to $205 on video games annually, which might not be surprising considering how many great titles come out each year. That said, sometimes owning too many games can be an issue.

If you're a life-long gamer, you might start to notice your collection building up to the point where it's becoming hard to manage. This means it's time to start trading in your games with other sellers.  I use this practice in my baseball card collecting, I try to sell off some of the more mainstream cards that I have.  In this case, selling some classic games such as Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, or Super Mario Bros. 3.  These are retro classics, and I can always find cheap copies of these games for sale.

But do you really have to go to the largest retailer, or should you sell video games online? The big questions will be how do you find the right video game companies to work with?

That's what we're here to look at today, your selling options. Read on to find out where you can find the best way to get cash for video games and video game consoles.

Should You use a Large Video Game Retailer:

The first suggestion you'll hear from most people when you ask about video game trade in services is to go to GameStop. This is understandable since they're a retail giant in the pre-owned game market.

While Walmart and other retailers have similar services, GameStop is easily the most well-knownVideo game trade in in this regard. The kick is that GameStop & the Other companies are not giving you proper Trade-in prices for your retro games.

These video game companies mentioned above are great for convenience, or if you just want to get rid of something quickly.  I urge you to search used prices with some online companies, as they generally will offer you much better value. 

Where to Sell Vintage Video Games:

Another avenue people go to is becoming their own seller. This certainly works for many, as sites like eBay and Amazon connect you with prospective buyers at the drop of a hat.

With these marketplaces, you have to do all the work, the photos, the research, the handling, and the shipping.  Did I forget to mention you may have to deal with unhappy customers?  The hassle of doing it your self can be daunting.  Then what happens if the bid price on your games is the lowest price possible? Then this sucks, as know you are out money as well, and the seller fees.

Sometimes selling online by yourself is a quick and easy solution. Other times, do a search query online and look at a couple retro game stores and see if you can get a fair price quote.

How much do boxes of old, retro video games sell for:

The quick answer here is it depends on what you have.  Out dated sports games, or mass-produced games like Call of Duty, Dance Revolution aren't going to get you much value.  Gaming Systems from Nintendo are what people looking for, classic original games like Super Metroid, Donkey Kong Country among other popular titles. Retro consoles from Sega, Turbografx and other manufactures during this time sell, but not as well as the original Nintendo stuff.

What are the Best Selling Video Games:

Nintendo 64 games have great selling price, the Mario Party titles, Zelda games and any of the Pokémon titles sell very well.  All the original Super Mario Bros games from the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES.  Sonic the Hedgehog games from the Sega Genesis library are very popular.  Lastly, original Game Boy gaming console, Game Boy Advance games and in game items.

Quality and Condition:

The condition of your games is a huge determinant when trying to get the right price for a trade-in. If you have a scratched disc or a game that you know hasn't really worked in a few years, it might hurt its overall value. Disc that have a lot of scratching, most sites probably won't buy them.  I'd recommend asking sites you're interested in if they buy "loose" disc games, as many sites don't buy them.  Make sure you plug in your retro game console and ensure it still works, then ensure your controllers look clean with no exposed wires.

Collections that sit around in the attic or basement for years can also pick up some unflattering aesthetic qualities that could affect its price. So take some time and clean up what you are selling. It's super easy to rub a magic eraser or some 409 and a paper towel and clean those gaming consoles & games.

Damaged cases don't spell disaster, but there are some vendors that prefer that everything is still in good condition. As such, take stock of your games' quality and condition before you start selling. 

Payment Options:

So you have done your research and found a few sites to work with.  You need to ask your self a few questions.  Are there any shipping costs, do you qualify for a Prepaid shipping label, how many business days do I have to wait to get paid? Then what payment methods do they use?  Companies like The Old School Game Vault offers, paper check, gift cards, direct deposit, and an Amazon e-Gift Card as instant payments.

Finding Best Video Game Trade In Program

Getting the best video game trade in value can be tough given how many video game trade in services exist out there. Use this guide to understand where to go and how you can get some extra cash when you sell used video game cartridges.

If you're looking to find a great company to sell retro video games too, or to get some quick cash?  Then check us out The Old School Game Vault as we put together one of the best platforms that is simple, and covenant. 

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