The Best Sega Genesis RPGs / Role Playing Games to Play

There’s nothing quite like a good RPG game to transport you into a world of swords-and-sorcery, foul creatures and great heroes, and make you feel like you’re part of a great adventure to save the world. That’s all we wanted to do as kids, right? (Some of us still hope to find a portal that takes us into a world where we are axe-wielding warriors tasked with saving the realm, on a pet dinosaur) Today, we are going to take a look at the best Sega genesis RPG games. One of the strengths of the Sega Genesis console, has to be the library of games, which we talk about in another article.  It really had a little something for everyone, but today it's about RPGS.  So put on your armor and pick up your weapon, and let’s run through some of the best old Sega games ever made.  If you are interested...

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Playing Old School Games is that Considered a Retro Gamer?

Usually, when technology becomes outdated, people stop using it. That’s why no one watches movies on beta cassettes anymore. In fact, most of you probably don’t even know what beta tapes are.

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Console Wars, Why was the Nintendo Virtual Boy a failure?

Community college student Palmer Luckey made a splash at CES 2013 with his 3D gaming headset, the Oculus Rift. The buzz was so strong, in fact, that Facebook purchased Oculus in 2014 for the staggering sum of $2 billion. The interesting thing is that this technology is not new news.

Why Sega Saturn Is the Greatest of All Failed Sega Consoles

In 1995, console gaming was on the cusp of a new era. 16-bit systems went the way of the buffalo as 32-bit became the new standard. Suddenly, home gaming could become so much more than side-scrolling platformers. Naturally, the console wars of this era were as brutal as a cannon fight between rival pirate ships. Each new console that came out was either a huge success or a complete failure. At this time, Sega released the Sega Saturn console—their 32-bit successor to the Sega Genesis. Sadly, due to some horrible marketing decisions by Sega, the Saturn crashed and burned right out of the gate The real tragedy is that Sega had an incredible selection of Saturn games already in development. Some of these are the best 90s games ever, and they’re not available anywhere else. To prove that Sega Saturn is the best failed console, we’ve listed the best Sega Saturn games...

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Console Wars: Is the Sega Dreamcast & The Xbox Related?

In the last 15 years, Microsoft’s Xbox has risen to become, along with Sony’s PlayStation. One of the twin pillars of home console gaming. While stalwart companies like Nintendo have enjoyed success as well. Xbox and PlayStation are Coke and Pepsi.
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The Best Lost, but not Forgotten Video Game Consoles

With Nintendo’s popularity at an all-time low, Xbox and PlayStation have become the Coke and Pepsi of home game consoles. But there was a time when there were many systems on the market from which to choose. 

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Why Video Games & Consoles Turn that Nasty Yellow Color

It can happen to even the most scrupulous retro-game collector. You’ve got a pristine Super Nintendo displayed alongside other throwback consoles, and yet somehow it turns yellow over time. 

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Discover - The Best Retro Video Games from 1995

1995 was a landmark year for video games. The PlayStation was only a few months old, and Sony was looking to make a comeback after Nintendo and the SNES had been trouncing their products.

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The Best Role Playing Games the Super Nintendo Had to Offer

The Super Nintendo will probably go down in history as the best retro console of its time. It had an extensive library of stellar games that went on to become classics. These included “Super Mario All Stars,” “Super Mario Kart,” “Starfox,” “Donkey Kong Country” and “Mortal Kombat.” But one area where the SNES really excelled was role-playing games.

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Console Wars: The Sega 32x One of the Worst Game Consoles

Probably, no console manufacturer lost the initiative worse than Sega did after it slayed the dragon known as the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1992, on the heels of a gambit that saw Sega bundle the Genesis system with Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Why Sega Failed, The Rise & Fall of The Video Game Behemoth

In the summer of 1991, at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show, video-game behemoth Nintendo revealed the follow-up to their much-adored NES console. The Super Nintendo would improve on the original in every way, featuring 16-bit system with phenomenal graphics and capacity for some 32,768 colors.

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90s Handheld Consoles, Who's the Best Handheld Game System?

If the 80s was the decade that thought it was the future, then the 90s was the decade that actually saw some of those technological promises come true. Case in point: handheld gaming devices, portable video games, to be precise, & the 90s classic consoles. The ‘90s saw an explosion of handheld game systems, most of which came on the heels of the popular Nintendo Game Boy. But which one ranks as pound for pound the best handheld console? We've broken down the history and stats of the major players in order to determine the best handheld gaming console. Nintendo Gameboy The one that started it all. Technically, the Game Boy is a 80s Handheld Console, since it was released in 1989. However, because Europe didn't get it until 1990, we're on solid legal ground to include it in this list about 90s Handheld Systems. The Game Boy's popularity can be...

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Reliving 1996! Part 2 Remembering These Video Game Classics?

As we’ve mentioned in Part 1 of this series, 1996 was a true landmark year for video games. The industry saw a huge number of classic entries – from violent first-person shooters, to fun platformers and grim strategy games.

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Button Mashers, What are They & How they came to be?

Beat'em Ups - Retro Brawlers - Streets of Rage

A couple decades ago, arcade games were all the rage. And one genre of games that were as ubiquitous as any were brawlers, otherwise known as “beat ‘em ups.” These games made a seamless transition to consoles, offering home gamers the opportunity to take out relentless hordes of oncoming villains.

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Reliving 1996! Do you Remember These Video Game Classics?

best video games of 1996

A massive number of classics were released in 1996 across a wide variety of platforms, and in this article, we are going to talk about some of our favorites from 1996.

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Here is our Picks for: The Best Super Mario Games of the 1990's

Few gaming franchises have established as much of a legacy and a permanent spot in the gaming pantheon as the adventures of Mario and his cast of lovable characters. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a crucial decade for the Mario franchise – the 90s – and count down the best games the franchise released in these 10 years. 
Let’s begin.

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4 of The greatest retro Batman Video Games from the 90's

The best retro Batman Games

The Dark Knight is without a doubt one of the most beloved comic book characters and pop culture icons of all time. Over decades, Batman’s brooding nature, ace detective skills and colorful gallery of villains have become second nature to most of us.

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Why The Neo Geo is Rich-Man Retro Gaming?

Neo Geo

Over the last 40 years dozens upon dozens of home video game consoles have been released across the globe. Some, like the NES, retailed for affordable prices ($89.99), while others, like the TurboGrafx-16, were prohibitively expensive ($399.99). 

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