How to tell if SNES Game is Authentic or a Bootleg Game Cart

Recently we obtained a handful of games.  These were some really rare Super Nintendo titles, that someone was trying to sell to me as legit copies. At first glance, it was pretty obvious to tell none of these were an authentic game. Below are points about how to spot counterfeit cartridges for the Super Nintendo.  The games are also commonly referred to as "fake", "reproduction" or "bootleg video games". We also have a YouTube video if you'd rather watch than read about the topic. The game titles in reference are: Chrono Trigger, Earthbound,  and The Legend of Zelda etc. For larger images, you can refer to the pinterest page.  Now keep in mind, I'm writing this article because someone is trying to sell me bootleg cartridges as the real thing.  I have no problem if you buy reproduction games for your collection, but selling bootlegs as the real thing is where...

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How to tell if N64 game is Authentic or a Bootleg Video Game

With retro video game cartridges, selling at an all-time high.  People are going to make bootlegs and try and sell them as the real thing. With an expensive game selling for 1400 dollars. Like the Nintendo 64 repro cart shown in the images, of Clay fighter Sculptors Cut. 

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How to Spot Bootleg Pokemon Game Boy Advance Games

Bootleg Pokémon games are getting more & more frequent in the gaming community.  Really, it's not just Pokémon games, it's pretty much all the popular games from the Game Boy Advance library. 

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How to Spot Bootleg Pokémon Nintendo DS Games!

I was playing my Nintendo DS, and the Pokémon game cartridge I was using wouldn't load. I thought that was strange, the pin on the game looked clean, and my Nintendo DS played every other game cartridge I inserted. Furthermore, I tried the Pokémon game on a different DS, the game started up, but would then freeze.

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Holy Crap! Counterfeit Video Games & The Growing Problem!

Counterfeit Video Games

Counterfeit Video Games are steadily making their way into homes more & more frequently.  As, the used video game market has been a wildly profitable industry ever since the home-console boom of the 1980s. And over the decades, the home video-game market has only continued to grow.

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