Do it! Why you need to Buy an Original Nintendo NES Console

Yes, we know that there are plug-and-play retro NES consoles that are very cheap to buy. We also know that these systems are pre-loaded with hundreds of games and that they include two controllers.

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Best 4-Player NES Games for the Nintendo NES Four Score

When most people think back on the Nintendo Entertainment System, they think of hit games like NES Four Score AdapterSuper Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda. Ironically, these popular titles barely scratch the surface of the system’s potential.

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Metroid and The Last of Us - Has a strong Bond!

Spoiler warning: This post contains spoilers for The Last of Us (little ones), the Left Behind DLC for The Last of Us (big ones), and, well, 1987’s Metroid.

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 (A Quarter Century Ago) Video Games Taught Me.....

A couple of years back, while visiting with family over Thanksgiving, my cousins and siblings and I started playing the card game we call King Peasant (though it’s also called a lot of other things around the world). 

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Castlevania NES Review, The Original Retro Nintendo Game

There are portions of Castlevania that will defeat you. Portions that will make you look back mournfully over your life and the decisions that led you up to this point – your 17th straight death courtesy the Medusa heads.

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An inside look at one of the best video games series in Castlevania

Any time a series inspires an entire genre of games, you know they’re doing something right. One half of the inspiration behind the ever-popular Metroidvania genre of games, Castlevania does a lot of things well and arguably includes the most battles against Count Dracula featured in any gaming series.

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Light Guns, Zappers, Phasers, Not HD Compatible - Here's Why

nintendo light gunThe reasons why this is the case have been covered extensively in other online posts. However, for the purposes of this column, it makes sense to eschew the tech jargon and explain the issue in ways that any non-gear head can understand. So here’s a breakdown.

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Three Retro Nintendo NES Games to revisit Today!

In a previous post, I discuss some classic games that you know and probably played, but that you should give a second look in 2020. Here I’ll discuss a trio of all-but-forgotten retro video games. 

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Here's Why Retro Gaming is Harder, Than playing Modern Games

I remember a time in about 1991 playing one of my favorite childhood video game, Super Mario Brothers 3. That I borrowed from a friend for a weekend. I wanted to beat it before I gave it back, but this being the relatively early days of console gaming, 

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Why Retro Video Gaming is so Popular & What makes it fun?

Why is retro gaming so popular? Most retro gamers will give you the short answer—that retro games are just plain better than modern games. However, you’re probably looking for a more legitimate, less biased answer. Lucky for you, we have several such answers listed below. For example, retro games don’t need realistic graphics, complex controls, and downloadable bonuses in order to be fun. The simplest games, like Dig Dug and Bubble Bobble, are often the most enjoyable. That’s why Candy Crush Saga has remained popular for an entire decade, earning over 2.7 billion downloads.  It's not like the old games were not hard, many older games are probably hard than today's games.  My son can't even make half the jumps in the original Super Mario Bros.  Here's a cool article I wrote about why retro games are harder, than the games today. On the other hand, mobile games like that are...

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The Best Classic Horror Video Games from the 80s and 90s

Most retro gaming fans have a closet full of widely-known platformers, RPGs, and party games. And why wouldn’t they?

The most popular games are the all-ages are the all-ages, general-audience titles that everyone can enjoy. These are also the games that get the most press coverage and prestige.

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Super Mario Bros 3 Nintendo NES Review

Brief Intro:

In the pantheon of game franchises, there are very few single entries that can lay claim to bringing sweeping, long-lasting changes to the franchise. In a storied franchise such as Mario, this feat is even more impressive.

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3 Classic Video Games That Need to be Replayed

You’ve heard of the classic video games on this list. You’ve probably played at least a couple of them. But have you played them recently? In this millennium? 

If not, you should! The three classic video games profiled below deserve a replay, so dust off your cartridges, blow into your NES, and let’s talk about some great classic video games.

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What Are The Expansion Ports Under A NES And N64 Used For?

These days, game systems come with all kinds of auxiliary ports—USB, HDMI, Ethernet, Optical Audio, and more. These ports are used for logging in online, connecting digital cameras, and everything in between.

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The Variations & Reasoning of Nintendo NES Cartridge Screws

In 1986, Nintendo released the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America, changing the entertainment industry forever. It was immediately so popular that people trampled strangers in department stores just to get one before it sold out. This trend continued as Nintendo and third-party programmers released one hit NES game after another. Given all this hoopla, would anyone notice or care that the number of NES cartridge screws changed from 5 to 3? Nintendo didn’t think so. They just stopped producing 5-screw NES games and adopted the new 3-screw format without any explanation. Obviously, they forgot that 100% of their core demographic are obsessive geeks (like us). And geeks notice details, especially when the items in question become rare, retro collectibles. So, why the big (or rather, hardly noticeable) change? And why all the secrecy? Furthermore, does it even matter? Actually, it matters more than you’d think. Read on to learn why.  ...

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10 of The best NES RPGs Ranked - The Old School Game Vault

For those of us who were young when the Nintendo Entertainment System first hit markets, it represents a childhood filled with countless gaming memories. Finally beating the last level on Super Mario Bros, giggling maniacally as we shot down ducks in Duck Hunt and nearly tossing the controller after a single bullet grazed my leg and killed me in contra.

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What it is, & How to Find the Elusive NES Famicom Adapter

Scour the furthest reaches of cyberspace, and you’ll find blog posts covering just about every video game accessory and piece of hardware there ever was. But one piece of console lore that remains woefully underreported is the NES Famicom Adapter.

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Does Blowing Into an NES Cartridge Actually Work?

Everyone who grew up playing the NES is familiar with the concept of blowing into an NES cartridge to make it work right? So here is a breakdown of what this looks like, and why or why not it works.

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Explore the History of the Legend of Zelda NES Video Games

The Legend of Zelda games are seriously one of the best video series ever made. Still, the larger this series gets, the more questions it raises.

Are the Zelda games connected and if so, how? And why does Link always start the game empty-handed? Where are the items he won in the previous games?

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The Best NES Games for your kids to Experience & Play

Long before Will Smith was slapping grown men on live television, he and Jazzy Jeff taught us that “Parents Just Don’t Understand.” And it’s true. There's always an unavoidable gap between one generation and the next. Those who grew up in the 80s played Nintendo and wondered why their dads were so fascinated by baseball. Kids today watch TikTok videos and wonder why parents do anything that requires more than 34 seconds of their attention. But, once in a while, we find those rare activities that both generations can enjoy together. Case in point, the following guide lists the best NES games to share with your kids. These games nourish your child’s mental development (seriously) while bridging the generation gap. Plus, they’re addictively fun for all ages. Enjoy these games together for some glorious, 8-bit family bonding. 1. Super Mario Bros 1-3 You can’t go wrong with a classic. And few...

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