Retro Console Wars: Nintendo 64 vs PlayStation 1

In another article, I discussed the relative merits of the two main fifth-gen consoles—the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation (One)—during their first holiday seasons after launch. 

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Console Wars, PlayStation 1 Vs Nintendo 64 Launch Titles

It's been a couple of years since the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch release. Which has brought the video game industry fully into the eighth generation of console gaming. This 8th generation of console wars has settled into a battle for exclusives, price differences, and online and social gaming advantages. Which is fine, anyone looking to buy a video game console this year will have more games and better prices (and fewer bugs) than last year's early adopters.

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Final Fantasy IX Review for The PlayStation 1

The Intro:

Simplicity is a word you have seen thrown around when people write about Final Fantasy IX. They say that it is the game that brings the series “back to the basics,” that it is a celebration of the past.  We have to wonder if this game was a success or not, as explain in this Final Fantasy IX Review.

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Best PS1 RPG Games, You Got to Play Today!

The best PS1 RPG Games or Role Playing games, the library had some of the most memorable RPG games in history. Beautiful graphics, complex narratives and a wealth of content to explore were hallmarks of several of the genre’s classics that came out on the PS1.

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Best PS1 Fighting Games! Our Toughest All-Time Titles

The Best PS1 Fighting Games!

Best PS1 fighting games, so whether you’re throwing a hadouken from the other end of the screen or exchanging roundhouse kicks and fists at close range, there’s something about the mano-a-mano combat that fighting games deliver that is incredibly intense, challenging and fun at the same time.  

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Whats Special about the different Versions of Video Games?

Are you wondering, what does “black label” mean in video games? You’re not alone.

It gets confusing when one game is released under so many different labels. You’ll often see Gamecube Player's Choice vs black label or PS2 black label vs red label, among other variations. What do these different release labels of video games mean for the cost and content of the game?

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The Best Classic Horror Video Games from the 80s and 90s

Most retro gaming fans have a closet full of widely-known platformers, RPGs, and party games. And why wouldn’t they?

The most popular games are the all-ages are the all-ages, general-audience titles that everyone can enjoy. These are also the games that get the most press coverage and prestige.

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The Nostalgic Gamer And The Best Retro Video Game Console

"A retro video game console? Really? But it's so, old..."

If you're anything like a real human being, you've probably never heard these sentiments uttered by anyone, ever. Why's that?

Partly, it's because the fury it invokes is powerful enough to huff, puff, and blow the offender right out of the room. Secondly, it's because retro game consoles rock so hard that there are no legitimate objections to collecting and playing them.

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Best PS1 Hidden Gems You’ve Probably Never Played

PS1 Hidden Gems... So when was the last time you played Koudelka, Top Shop, or Rival Schools on PS1? Just kidding! That was a trick question. If you’re like most gamers, you’ve never even heard of these titles before. And that’s a real shame because these games are true masterpieces of the PS1 era.  Sadly, though, there are loads of hidden PS1 gems like these that were simply overshadowed by other PS1 hits. Of course, this is bound to happen when such games are released alongside historical hits like Final Fantasy VII. . Read on to discover the best PS1 Hidden gems that you’ve been missing. 1. Bushido Blade As a retro gamer, you’ve probably played your fair share of fighting games. As such, you know that they’re all based on the same, bizarrely unrealistic gameplay model. Specifically, the characters punch, kick, stab, and fireball each other in order to drain...

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Best PS1 Hidden Gems You’ve Probably Never Played (Part 2)

Playing the Best PS1 Hidden Gems.  Somewhere in the world, we imagine there’s a collector who keeps all 7,918 games behind security-enforced display cases. There they remain, day after day, barred from any human interaction. Gee, how fun.

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Can (1) PlayStation Game Change my entire view of the Nintendo 64?

It is a dark night, clouds harboring ghoulish dangers roll across the sky, and far off in the remotest out corner of Jersey Town is a castle of unwholesome architecture brooding from a hill over the scattering of farm houses below. Mad Dr. Knarf is in his laboratory clicking his heels and tongue as he works on his diabolical experiments to corrupt wholesome vegetables and deny their freedom to grow and be eaten by Man. Suddenly, in a moment of stillness where the sweat rolls off the brow in rushes in through the door with a loud bang the man-child pumpkin headed assistant- "Master, Master!" "This better not be a rat again," replies the exasperated Dr. "OH NO! LOOK!" That's right, it's no rat, but something far cuter... and far deadlier- it's the little baby Jersey Devil! KABOOOM! No more lab.  Years later, when Jersey town has mushroomed into a growing...

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