Console Wars: Is the Sega Dreamcast & The Xbox Related?

In the last 15 years, Microsoft’s Xbox has risen to become, along with Sony’s PlayStation. One of the twin pillars of home console gaming. While stalwart companies like Nintendo have enjoyed success as well. Xbox and PlayStation are Coke and Pepsi.
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Sega DreamCast Console Review, It's One of the Best

The Intro: The Sega Dreamcast considered by many to be one of the most innovative consoles of its genre. It's funny to think that little white box could provide us a splendid home arcade feel. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact, this may have been the first Xbox Console I have; been told by a few customers that Sega and Microsoft were collaborating in a home video game console together. The console had the first online capabilities, with most consoles being sold with a detachable phone-line modem. It's too bad this console did not get the recognition it deserved. It may have been the lack luster titles from the sega cd library or the  Sega 32x console, or it's library, which turned gamers away. Not only that, but it's certainly possible gamers got feed up with Sega and their struggles with compatibility amongst their consoles. Seriously, in order to play a...

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Retro Console Wars - The Sega Saturn vs DreamCast?

Console Wars: The Sega Saturn and the Sega Dreamcast were two machines that enjoyed as many similarities as they did stark differences. One system marked the end of the 90s gaming era, and the other ushered in the much-heralded 6th-generation of consoles that defined the new millennium. And while both were manufactured by Sega, both were also responsible for hastening that company’s demise. But despite being regarded as failures at the time, their reputations have only improved in the intervening years. A Reddit thread on the subject of the Sega Dreamcast was a veritable love-in, and some Sega Saturn games, like “Panzer Dragoon Saga,” are so in-demand that they fetch hundreds of dollars on the retro game market. This all begs the question, which is the better machine? Like anything, much of it depends on personal preference. But here’s how the two systems stack up according to certain criteria important to...

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The Nostalgic Gamer And The Best Retro Video Game Console

"A retro video game console? Really? But it's so, old..."

If you're anything like a real human being, you've probably never heard these sentiments uttered by anyone, ever. Why's that?

Partly, it's because the fury it invokes is powerful enough to huff, puff, and blow the offender right out of the room. Secondly, it's because retro game consoles rock so hard that there are no legitimate objections to collecting and playing them.

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Power Stone Intense Fighting, mixed with 3D Arcade Graphics

Sega DreamCast Power Stone Review

The Story:

People are superstitious and adventurous while on a search for fortune and glory. They are searching for a legendary treasure that makes dreams come true, that legend is the power stone.

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