Here's a Quick Tutorial to Fix a Stuck Nintendo 64 Reset Button

Tools Needed: will be Game Bit Opener, Cut-tip or Toothbrush, Rubbing Alcohol, and Paper Towel
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How To: Open and Tear-Down a Playstation 3 Console

You are going to need a few tools to get this going, A Small Philips Screw driver, A regular size Phillips screwdriver and a Flat Head Screw Driver.

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How to Replace a Nintendo NES Pin Connector

Replace an Nintendo NES Pin Connector

Tools Needed: Philips Screw Driver | Standard Pencil Eraser | New 72 Pin Connector | A Cordless Drill with Philip Bits (Optional)

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How to Re-Calibrate a PS3 Disc Drive Tutorial

Fix PS3 Disc Drive

How To Successfully Re-Calibrate a PlayStation 3 Disc Drive

Constantly repairing PS3 consoles, sometimes we have a disc drive that needs to be re-calibrated in order to function. In this how to: Tutorial, we will demonstrate the re-calibration method.

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How to Clean Video Game Cartridges with these 4 Tips

How to Clean Video Game

Here are some tips on how to clean video game cartridges, here a few other items you can get that work well.  Mr Clean Magic erasers work well to clean marker or stickers on cartridges and cases.  ArmorAll cleaning wipes are great for cleaning cartridge labels.

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Quick Tutorial on How to Replace Internal Save Battery on Game Boy Game

Replace Pokemon Save Battery

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How to Repair a PlaySation 3 Console with The Yellow Light of Death

Repair Yellow Light of Death

In this yellow light of death tutorial we will demonstrate how to fix your PS3 console. We have fixed hundreds of Playstation 3 consoles affected by this growing problem.

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