2016 marks the 20-year anniversary of the day little cuddly monsters called Pokémon first appeared on everyone’s favorite Gameboy. The title was a labor of love created and slaved over by famed designer Satoshi Tajiri, who, as legend has it, was inspired by his childhood hobby of collecting insects.
The Intro: There’s a time for complex, Ken Levine-esque, layered storytelling. But sometimes, you just want to dive into a game, not worry too much about the plot, and just have some fun.
Intro: Whatever else you might feel about the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles games, you have to admit that they look really cool. The China chapter featured gorgeous, paintbrush-like graphics, and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India has a quiet beauty of its own. Colorful patterns and intricate textures abound.
The Intro: 2015 was the year of the open-world game. Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V, No Man’s Sky and Just Cause 3 featured sprawling locations and an almost endless amount of interesting things to do. The fact that Xenoblade Chronicles X holds its own when compared to these titans of the genre speaks volumes about its quality. Even after you’ve invested dozens of hours into the campaign, you’ll regularly come up against foes you haven’t seen before or pass through some previously unexplored terrain.
Probably no console manufacturer lost the initiative worse than Sega did after it slayed the dragon known as the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1992, on the heels of a gambit that saw Sega bundle the Genesis system with Sonic the Hedgehog.
The Intro: Minecraft, by any definition of the term, is an absolute phenomenon. The easy barrier for entry, the unlimited possibilities and the unspeakable joy of building and sharing a universe with your friends makes it an absolute must-play. Some gaming experts theorize that massively multiplayer experiences like Minecraft, which don’t require a great deal of gaming skill or knowledge of lore to start playing, will become the norm.
It can happen to even the most scrupulous retro-game collector. You’ve got a pristine Super Nintendo displayed alongside other throwback consoles, and yet somehow it turns yellow over time. 
There are a few video-game consoles out there, such as the Sega Saturn and the NEC TurboGrafx-16 that have been lost to the slow march of time. But avid retro gamers enjoy collecting these machines because they offer throw-back thrills and underrated gameplay.
There are times when you want a complex narrative, thoughtful, emotionally affecting and decision-driven gameplay. And there are times when you want to completely wreck your environment and cackle in glee as one ridiculously awesome stunt after another succeeds (or fails),
In the summer of 1991, at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show, video-game behemoth Nintendo revealed the follow-up to their much-adored NES console. The Super Nintendo would improve on the original in every way, featuring 16-bit graphics and capacity for some 32,768 colors.

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