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One of the major mistakes people make when they sell used video games is that they don’t see the forest for the trees. Most of the time folks are happy pocketing a quick couple of bucks on a sale, yet they don’t realize that the market for retro games is one that rakes in over $200 million per year.  
To paraphrase 19th Century British playwright Oscar Wilde, the SNES Super Scope was awesome. Even if he never said that, he should have. Because it was.
The Intro: You’re hitting the high notes. You’re getting there, to that crucial, victorious crescendo that ties the entire song together. You pause. The instruments stop. The crowd looks on, wild with expectation. And then, it begins – the pulse-pounding guitar solo that elevates the song to another level. The audience loses their collective minds. You’ve got them in the palm of your hand.
For fans of retro gaming, few things are more fun than firing up an old console system on a modern flat-screen TV. Seeing how games of yesteryear look in stunning 1080p high definition is a goal unto itself. 
The Intro: In space, no one can hear you scream. It’s a vast, infinite cosmos filled with staggering, mind-boggling things that are unfathomable to our brains. What’s beyond the furthest discovered reaches of the universe? There’s more of it.
When you think of markets that pull in over $200 million per year, retro gaming doesn’t come immediately to mind. That figure seems more apt for vintage collectibles or niche artwork. But, in a way, retro games have become their own vintage collectibles and niche artwork, all the more valuable if they are authentic and still in the original box.
Shmup. Some gamers get a natural high just from saying the word while others can’t forget about the genre fast enough. Despite this, one thing’s for certain: shmup’s legacy will endure as long as there are video games to be played.
The Intro: One of the most annoying aspects of modern game plotlines is how little you as a player can do to influence the overall outcome. Other than a select few games, like the ones that Telltale so expertly crafts, the player is basically just a cog in the overall machine.

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