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The Intro: Back in the day, ID Software came out with a game called Heretic. It was a 3-D fantasy shooter and developers Raven Software used a modified version of the excellent Doom engine.
The Intro: The Witcher series has always been somewhat of an outlier in the RPG genre. Not because the games aren’t great (they are) or because the setting is completely different from every other RPG (it isn’t.)
In 1941, the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges wrote a story called “The Garden of Forking Paths” that was basically a “wouldn’t it be cool” vision of a story that could include all of its different possible outcomes—when a decision was made, the story could follow each of the forking paths that result.
For a while there in the 90s and 00s it looked like video games would be a medium in which you could never look back. Video games are a medium tightly bound to its underlying technologies, and with those technologies improving in leaps and bounds, playing a three-year-old game, let alone a ten-year-old game,
The Intro: State of Decay sets it up well – your friend isn’t long for this world. You decide it has to be done, so you drive him up to the nearest home you can find. The neighborhood has been ravaged by the zombie plague.
I have killed a lot of digital enemies in my day. I can’t even imagine what my overall gamer kill count and bullet count are—I’ve popped enough related trophies and achievements to know it’s got to be high. Which is why I really appreciated the short, contemplative puzzle adventure title Valiant Hearts: The Great War, which follows four characters through the madness, heartbreak, and tenacity of the Western front in World War I.
The Intro: The McGuffin. At once a potentially infuriating and amazing plot device. Usually, the purpose of the McGuffin is to drive a larger story. Cinema has given us some great McGuffins like the Pulp Fiction briefcase and the Maltese Falcon.
The Intro: In 2011, Mortal Kombat finally grew up. Yes, a game that featured more mutilations and blood spatter than ever before, grew up. Our beloved gory fighter took a step up and finally became a game that was worthy of professional competitions.
Video games are primarily a visual medium—it’s right there in the word itself. But of course they’re more than that, too. There’s the interactivity, of course, and the sound design can really improve or drag down a game…and then there’s reading. 

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