My retro review of Golden Sun briefly touches on the game’s major storytelling blunder alongside consideration of other elements of the game, many of which are quite well done. Here, though, I want to spend more time analyzing what went so terribly wrong with Golden Sun’s storytelling, especially the ending.
The Intro: The Heroes of Might and Magic III are back, and this time, they’re in crisp HD. What does this mean? If you’re a fan of the original, it means several more hours and weeks of strategic combat goodness.
In another article, I discuss awesome moments or levels in otherwise mediocre (or merely good) games. Here, I’ll consider the other side of the coin: good or great games dragged down by terrible moments or terrible design decisions. 
The Intro: The story of how Grow Home came to be is an interesting one. A few weeks before its release, Ubisoft released a statement which detailed how Grow Home started as an experiment by the developers within the company.
The Intro: Some of the greatest movies of all time are prison films – The Shawshank Redemption, Cool Hand Luke, The Green Mile, The Great Escape and several others. There’s a reason prison stories appeal to us, other than the fact that they depict an incredibly harsh reality in intriguing and emotionally affecting ways.
When the first gameplay trailers for The Order: 1886 came out, gamers worldwide were thrilled. Here was a cool-looking game which had werewolves, fantastic weapons and immortal knights!
I played Thief this month when I got it free for PS3 from PlayStation Plus. Thief is not a great game. It’s mostly a pretty mediocre game, especially if you’ve played the far superior Dishonored.
The Intro: Resident Evil has become a survival horror benchmark. With a franchise as popular as it is, there are bound to be some inconsistent entries in there. As a fan of the genre or the franchise, you would be totally justified in having your reservations about Resident Evil: Revelations 2.
Over the past couple of months, I sunk over 120 hours into a playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition. That comes out to an average of 2-3 hours a day. I’m a married man with graduate degrees and a lot of things to do, but for the last couple of months, most of my free time went into fighting dragons in Thedas in a single-player game (I only spent a few hours in DA:I’s multiplayer mode).

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