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The Intro: Much like George R. R. Martin’s wildly popular series of books, Telltale started off its Game of Thrones franchise with an instalment that was essentially a slow burn.
In another article, I discuss post-credits scenes played for comedy or as cliffhangers—scenes that don’t massively change the game you’ve played. This article is about games that save such a shock for after the credits that you can’t fairly say that a player who doesn’t see it knows how the game ends. 
Whether it's the influence of the recent Avengers series of Marvel movies or just that video game storytelling is continuing to develop, post-credits scenes seem to be getting more and more common in games these days. The tradition of hiding some sort of Easter egg after the credits has been around in movies at least since the post-credits tagline “James Bond will return . . . “ was first used in 1963’s From Russia With Love (though post-credit scenes weren’t popularized until 1979’s The Muppet Movie). 
Why are we so fascinated by monsters? We’re afraid of them, and yet we can’t help but be excited every time we hear a great monster story or watch a fantastic creature film. Throughout most of our lives, our fascination with monsters remains.
The Intro: “Zombies, zombies everywhere!” is something you might have muttered to yourself about the state of pop culture, or of the world in general. Even though we can pretty much agree that too many movies and games run to the zombie well for content, there’s still hope.
I recently finished a fifty-five-hour playthrough of Grand Theft Auto V. It is a brilliant achievement. It’s a ridiculously fun game. It’s also a very disappointing game.
The Intro: A lighthouse, rain and a husky monologue, all framed together in wide angle. If you’re thinking that this describes a scene in every romantic coming-of-age move ever made, you would be right.
In a recent article, I discuss different kinds of retro games being made today—those with a major contemporary twist and those that expand and deepen what the old games did.  Our case study will be To The Moon which was released back in 2011’s.
Zelda is one of the most iconic franchises of gaming, and of pop-culture in general. If you don’t know what this franchise is about, you’ve probably gotten many looks of disbelief from your gamer friends.

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