The Intro: There’s been a trend that has unfortunately plagued modern gaming. Back in the day, games that were difficult didn’t pretend to be otherwise. They didn’t spoon-feed the player.
            Where we game has changed a lot in recent years, not only with the success of the Nintendo Switch as a system where games are played in a space, not just on a screen.  Also as mobile devices led to a huge wave of casual games and as increasingly powerful and affordable laptops and cloud servers let PC gamers take AAA games around the house or even out of it. With such variety, gamers are more aware of where they are playing – and the relative perks and drawbacks of those spaces – than ever before.
Movies have the Oscars, TV the Emmys, theatre the Tonys, and music the Grammys. What do video games have? Thinking about game awards reveals how different from older entertainment media today’s game industry really is.  The first movie theaters appeared in the U.S. in 1896. The Academy Awards (Oscars) began 33 years later in 1929. Pong, the first commercially successful arcade game, was released in 1972. 48 years later, no Academy Awards of Video Games yet dominate the gaming awards scene.
The Intro: If you’ve never heard about One Piece, here’s the very basics of what you need to know – it’s about pirates, and there are lots of them.  The creator of the manga, Eiichiro Oda, is extremely prolific and the series has crossed well over 750 chapters.
The Intro: The Dark Souls games have always asked you one fundamental question – how far are you willing to punish yourself to get to the light at the end of the tunnel? The games have made a reputation for being brutally, unfailingly difficult, yet rewarding to players who manage to brave the odds and not break their controller, their screen or their entire console.
As Part One [here] of this article explained in more depth, this is a showdown between Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us, two of my most anticipated and most satisfying games of seventh generation of gaming. My comparison is based not on replay value or how the games have aged, but on how influentially they’ve stuck with me a year after my initial playthrough of each. 
  Bioshock Infinite & The Last of Us were easily my personal most anticipated games of the seventh generation of gaming, so why not revisit them in order to make them fight to the death for my long-term affections? In the tradition of the Old School Game Vault blog’s earlier comparison of Bioshock Infinite to the original Bioshock. 
            I remember how stunned I was when I played through FINAL FANTASY VII for the first time and got to the part where, in a cutscene, the player-character and fan favorite Aeris/Aerith was impaled and killed by the villain Sephiroth. I had invested in the character both in terms of story and gameplay/RPG character development.
Video consoles like Playstation and Nintendo were once the kind of video game units that had people locked in their rooms alone for hours on end, but now they've brought the world inside by connecting gamers over the internet.

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