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Rayman Legends Review Intro: Jumping ducks are an extremely uncommon occurrence. And ducks who can perform wall runs, blast off bouncing pads and collect stars are even more uncommon.
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The Intro: If you’re interesting in playing old games, you’ll be faced with a dilemma. Unless you want to head over to eBay and pay lots of money for a good copy of the original game, your only other option is pirating ROMs of the game.
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The Intro: Sniper Elite III has one card to play, and it’s a damn good card. However, everything around that one thing feels like going through the motions. When you’re crouching, steadying your shot, controlling your breath and sending some lead flying through the air from hundreds
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Say what you will about a brilliant narrative and fantastic visuals. When it comes to pure fun, the co-operative shooter genre stands above most. Think about the best gaming stories you have with your friends.
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The Intro: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was released November 2011, and fans of the video game are sure to recognize the common theme and quest behavior offered during The Legend of Zelda adventures.
How Great Game Play, Can Strengthen Halos In Game Narratives
 Should Halo Expanded it's giant Universe going forward? Or Not? I never owned an Xbox system until I bought a 360. I was almost exactly ten years late to the Halo party when I fired up a hand-me-down copy of Halo 2 that fall. Halo 2 was showing its age by that point, of course, but it still made an impression in a couple of ways.