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The Intro: Salem is a curious place. There is an increasing number of ghosts who populate it, but they have more pleasant (well, relatively) existences than the residents of this troubled city in Massachusetts.
The Intro: You’ve probably heard of Arc System Works. Even if you haven’t heard of them, if you’ve owned a Vita for any significant length of time, you’ve probably played one of their games.
The Intro: If you call yourself ‘amazing’, you better be able to back it up. If you boast endlessly about your ‘amazing’ music collection to your friends, only to have them come over and discover a bunch of Rick Astley tapes, you won’t be the most popular person in your group.
The Intro: Increasingly, we are beginning to see a new spate of games and movies that are primarily meant to be an experience. Entwined is one such game. It’s a visually gorgeous experience, with oddly calming and haunting melodies, and it will mean different things to different people. It’s a different kind of game, one based on the themes of eternal love and separation, and it’s presented rather abstractly. It’s a great trip, pun intended, even if it’s a criminally short one.
The Intro: If you actually lived in the world of Watch Dogs, you’d run into a lot of criminals, all the time. You would turning a corner on the street, just minding your own business, and out of nowhere you’d run into a petty thief or a chronic masturbator. The Chicago in Watch Dogs is not a pleasant place. It’s a place that has been overtaken by the excesses of technology and is infested with the lowest element of humans.
Rayman Legends Review Intro: Jumping ducks are an extremely uncommon occurrence. And ducks who can perform wall runs, blast off bouncing pads and collect stars are even more uncommon.
Final Fantasy VI Intro: I became a Final Fantasy fan in 1997 with FFVII, and have played every (non-MMO) game in the series since. I only just now went back to the game in the series most likely to give FFVII a run for its money as best Final Fantasy ever
  Release Date: 2007Genre: Role PlayingConsole: Nintendo GBASection: Game ReviewPlayers: 1 - See more at: The Intro: Considered by many to be one of the most innovative consoles of its genre. It’s funny to think that little white box could provide us a splendid home arcade feel. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact this may have been the first Xbox Console.
  Is this game free to play? Yes. No. Um…what? It depends. Are you willing to give us your money while you play? Yes. Oh yes. Then we won’t make you pay, you’ll just choose to pay inside our free game. No. Then we will fill the game with stupefying tasks, arbitrary delays, and joyless mismatches until navigating them is worse than whatever work you’re avoiding by playing online free-to-play games and essentially like a terrible minimum-wage job. But a job you get to do for free and that is unencumbered by productive outputs in the real world.

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