The Intro: A lot of the hype surrounding the Xbox One was centered on the new Kinect, one that claimed to be more capable, more accurate and more dynamic than the first version of the device. With such anticipation, a lot of gamers were waiting to see what exactly the new Kinect was capable of.
The Intro: For the longest time, much like a long-standing rivalry in the sport that it represents, two game franchises went head to head. The MLB series from developers Sony Computer Entertainment and Major League Baseball by developers 2K Sports competed for the attention of baseball lovers for years.
The Intro: Our lives are about memories. Our lives are about connections. The ones we forge, the ones we destroy, the bridges we burn, and the hearts we touch. We waltz through our lives, seeking experiences, seeking connections, and some things we gravitate to bring us new ones, at the cost of leaving some behind. Some connections are difficult to maintain, whereas some appear out of nowhere, and last forever. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 touches on these themes.
“Sometimes it's better to run!”: Enemy Leveling Systems Can Make or Break a Game World A handful of hours into Final Fantasy XII, your party emerges from the linear opening of the game and is able to explore and level up in the game’s first open world environment: the Dalmasca Estersand.
Get Cash For Selling Wii U & PS4 Games The Old School Game Vault is pleased to announce that it now buys both games and video game consoles manufactured and distributed under the Nintendo Wii U banner via its online storefront. Customers all over the country can sell Wii U games and sell Wii U consoles through The Old School Game Vault site effective immediately.
  Bioshock Series Takes A Turn to the Skies, will we miss Rapture? The Intro: When we last visited the world of BioShock, we were treated to an underwater city with a mysterious past and an eerie sense of foreboding. This was a city of hushes and whispers, where demons lurked in the shadows and artifacts spoke of great inventions and terrible tragedies.

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