Velocity 2x Review
The Intro: Velocity 2X is one of the most kinetic games ever made. Every single element of the game blends into every other element to create a seamless blend designed to give you the feeling of speed.
Just Cause 3 Review - The Old School Game Vault
There are times when you want a complex narrative, thoughtful, emotionally affecting and decision-driven gameplay. And there are times when you want to completely wreck your environment and cackle in glee as one ridiculously awesome stunt after another succeeds (or fails),
Places to Sell Old Video Games Online for Cash
You just love playing your Super Mario Bros video game – or at least you did back in the day. It's still OK, but if you're really honest, those beloved video games are starting to feel played out. Now you don't have to just stash your old unwanted games in the closet. You have plenty of selling options nowadays, but where to start selling games wil...
The Walking Dead Survival instinct Game Review
Should We Play The Walking Dead: Survival instinct? The Intro: Robert Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead Series' of graphic novels are a tour-de-force of storytelling via sequential art. The stark black artwork brings out emotions better than most full-color big budget comics.
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes - Nintendo 3DS Review
The Intro: A good co-op puzzler is a hard thing to pull off. You need a balance of inventive mechanics, clever level design and clear advantages to playing with a group of friends instead of alone.
DMC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Review - PlayStation 4
My Rant: Oh, the sweet, sweet fps (frames per second). Most people will probably give you looks of scorn when you talk about how 30 frames per second just aren’t enough. Some of them might call you a snob or an elitist.
Mario Golf World Tour 3ds Review - The Old School Game Vault
The Intro: Has there ever been a character in games or in real life who is more prolific than Mario? This short Italian man with an adorable moustache has done plumbing, go-kart racing, played basketball, tennis, and even competed at the Olympic Games.
Balancing the Old and the New in Video Game Sequels
I started playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones for GBA yesterday, and while on the Fire Emblem Wiki I glanced over the summary of the game’s reception, which went something like this:
Destiny House of Wolves - DLC Review
The Intro: Destiny was supposed to be the greatest thing to happen to shooters since sliced bread. It wasn’t. The game featured a notoriously weak story and several critical gameplay bugs, including a loot system that would make Scrooge McDuck wince.