Infested Planet is strategy game from independent developer Rocket Bear Games which is available on steam.  Where you have the ability to take charge of 5 soldiers while taking on a barrage of enemies.  Infested Planet is not your typical destroy and shoot up everything in your path, but playing with stealth and strategy makes this fun.  Infested Planet reminds me of another great strategy game available thru steam in the Banner Saga.
The console wars find Microsoft, with its ambitious yet expensive offer, the Xbox One, lagging behind the PlayStation 4. In fact, the PS4 has sold over six million units worldwide, while the Xbox One is yet to break four million.
The Metal Gear Solid series is known for its fantastic, cinematic cutscenes and thrilling, tension-filled gameplay. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes showcases both of these aspects of the series in their full glory.
            Between 2005 and 2007, the U.S. game industry passed up first the movie and then the music industries in terms of overall revenue, clearly staking its claim as a major media player for anyone who was still unsure.
Retro gaming is important for a lot of people for a variety of different reasons. Retro gaming from systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sony PlayStation and more features a large number of some of the best titles ever released in the medium.
I recently finished a playthrough of the amazing (if flawed) Grand Theft Auto V. It got me thinking about why my experience of it was so, so far away from my disappointment with GTA IV. This post is about why, despite my desire to like it, GTA IV finally drove me away. A follow-up post will explain why GTA V won me over as an amazing if still sometimes maddening game.
The Steam Machine is a hybrid between PC and console. As such, it sits poised to either grab gobs of market share from Microsoft and Sony or flop spectacularly. Although it's too early to call, movers and shakers are having fun taking pot shots at Valve's widely different new console. One thing is clear: there's always room in the console wars for one more combatant.
  Even though video game giants like Sony and Microsoft continue to release their "latest and greatest" hardware in the form of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, retro gaming is continuing to grow.
Trading in your used video games gives you more money to buy the games you want to tackle next while reducing the overall amount you spend to pursue your love of gaming.
Donkey Kong Country Wii U Review Intro: Donkey Kong is one of the most iconic franchises in the history of gaming. Anyone who grew up with the old generation of 8-bit consoles has tons of memories of trying to rescue a princess while trying to stay alive as a gigantic gorilla rained all kinds of obstacles around them.

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