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In Video Game Trends Part 1, I discussed the ongoing decline of GameStop and the rise of free-to-play (F2P) console games. Part 2 will discuss two more ways that the market will shape gaming as we settle into the new console generation.
The Story: People are superstitious and adventurous while on a search for fortune and glory. They are searching for a legendary treasure that makes dreams come true, that legend is the power stone.
The new console generation is here, so what video game trends can we expect to see from gaming in 2014, its first full year? The trends I’m watching this year are all, at their core, driven by how new consoles are reshaping the gaming market.
The Intro: The first time you load up Consortium on your PC, you are likely to notice immediately that it seems like a Mass Effect clone. All the elements are there - the dynamic response system, long sections of gameplay with nothing more than dialogue and the entire intergalactic space crew setting in general.
Not reading the fine print with any transaction can be detrimental. You need to have a clear understanding what exactly you are getting yourself into. Unfortunately the world-wide-web is full of of dishonest people. Selling Used Video Games Online can be a pretty straightforward process, depending on the company you select.
The Intro: Ever since the first RPG games appeared on monochrome displays back in the day, gamers have been enthusiastic about jumping into the shoes of a knight or a swashbuckling adventurer, looting treasures and saving damsels in distress.
I have Old Retro Video Games: Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s worth money. Unfortunately the old concept of supply and demand comes into place. Many gamers today are not actively going after the late 1970’s and early 80’s video games.
            Partway through XCOM: Enemy Within (the expanded version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown), I realized that its video game story would never work in a movie.  It wasn’t that the premise wouldn’t work – alien invasions are hardly confined to video games—it was the way the story was being told. There was absolutely no attention being paid to characters’ personal lives.
The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, more popularly known as the SNES, was released in 1990. It quickly became one of the most popular gaming devices of its time, partly defining the fourth generation of video game consoles.
 Broken Age Act 1 Intro: Back in 2012, veteran game creator Tim Schafer launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund an old-school adventure game. The response was overwhelming. The project was fully funded within hours of it being created.

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