Sword Master Intro: The title of the game "Sword Master" to me sounds a lot like a classic dungeon crawling rpg. Surprising it is not; the game is centered around on your sword welding character. Sword Master is your typical side-scroller action adventure game. The goal of the game is to fight thru various levels, trying to defeat the evil wizard and demon.
Jordan Vs Bird Intro:   Taking arguably the two biggest NBA stars at the time, and putting them together in a basketball game only makes sense.  You have Larry Bird from the Boston Celtics whom is the best out-side shooting forward in the game. 
The Banner Saga Intro: The landscape is harsh and frigid. Presently, a caravan of men and giants trots on dourly, braving the biting cold and the savage winds. You come upon another group of people on the road.
Consider Yourself a Hero: A Retro NES Review of Contra Contra Intro: Contra is a huge nostalgia game for me. I have many fond memories of sitting in a dark basement with a friend blasting away at this and Super C for hours. This is the first run-and-gun game I remember playing, and it was mind-blowingly fun, especially in co-op.
Every few months or so I see another article about how console gaming is at death’s door. I don’t buy it. Most of my gaming happens on consoles, and I expect to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. Here’s why.

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