Ever since the advent of the VCR, it’s been a tradition for kids to pop in some horror flicks when Halloween night rolls around. But a new generation is here, one that grew up playing console video games, and one that saw the rise of the “survival horror” genre.
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As we look forward to a generation of consoles that will not be backwards compatible with older game discs, it’s gotten me thinking about the different ways in which old games have proven to have a variety of extra lives.
Games that Skillfully Switch Up Genres and Viewing Perspectives Offer a Great Change of Pace             “Gritty Action Movies.” “Suspenseful Morality Sci-Fi Movies from the 1930s.” “Whistleblower Steamy Psychological Animation Based on a Book Set in Biblical Times About Trucks, Trains, & Planes.” Genres can be weird, right?
This article is a debate between which old Mario Kart game is the best. I’ve been playing Mario Kart 8 lately (and love it), and that’s got me thinking about how big a part of gaming the Mario Kart series has been for me.