Console Wars: Is the Sega Dreamcast & The Xbox Related?
In the last 15 years, Microsoft’s Xbox has risen to become, along with Sony’s PlayStation, one of the twin pillars of home console gaming. And while stalwart companies like Nintendo have enjoyed success as well, Xbox and PlayStation are Coke and Pepsi.
The Philips CD-i Video Game Console, Further Explained
There are a few video-game consoles out there, such as the Sega Saturn and the NEC TurboGrafx-16 that have been lost to the slow march of time. But avid retro gamers enjoy collecting these machines because they offer throw-back thrills and underrated gameplay.
The Variations & Reasoning of Nintendo NES Cartridge Screws
The Nintendo Entertainment System’s reputation as the home console of the’80s has only been burnished over time. And as its notoriety has increased in retro game circles, little myths and legends have popped up that capture the attention of gamers of that era. 
The Myth and Rarity Behind Blockbuster Exclusive Video Games
The newer generation of gamers may not remember Blockbuster Video. However, for those of us of a certain age, the rental behemoth is almost impossible to forget. There was a time about 20 years ago when Blockbuster was as ubiquitous as McDonald's.
Sega DreamCast Console Review, It's One of the Best
The Intro: The Sega Dreamcast considered by many to be one of the most innovative consoles of its genre. It’s funny to think that little white box could provide us a splendid home arcade feel. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact this may have been the first Xbox Console.
Whats Special about the different Versions of Video Games?
For me, this is the "best buy" if you will for any new video game. Often referred to as "GOY" or "game of the year version" of a video game, which can be well worth the wait. As this version of the game will include the original game, but it will also include most all the "DLC's" for the game.
90s Handheld Consoles — Which One Had the Edge?
If the ‘80s was the decade that thought it was the future, then the ‘90s was the decade that actually saw some of those technological promises come true. Case in point: handheld electronics, portable video games, to be precise, & the 90s Handheld Consoles.
MineCraft PlayStation Edition - Review
The Intro: Minecraft is a testament to the capability of a sandbox environment. If you haven’t heard of Minecraft yet, you might look at the blocky graphics and dismiss it without a thought, but by doing so, you would be ridding yourself of a chance to explore the unimaginable depth that lies buried beneath the surface.
Jordan Vs Bird Nintendo NES Review, A Basketball Classic
Jordan Vs Bird Intro:   Taking arguably the two biggest NBA stars at the time, and putting them together in a basketball game, only makes sense.  You have Larry Bird from the Boston Celtics, whom is the best out-side shooting forward in the game.